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Here’s a detailed traveler’s guide on commuting and traveling to Cagayan de Oro from the new Laguindingan Airport and vice-versa. I will be updating this from time to time whenever necessary and once there are significant changes in the airport public transport service system.


Upon exiting the arrival gate of the terminal. There are several public transport options available. These PUVs are mostly stationed near the arrival gate of the terminal. Licensed operators also have customer desks across the gate for your inquiries.

OPTION 1 – Bus to Cagayan de Oro. Take a Public Utility Vehicle from the airport to the National Highway (see map below). For CDOTRANSCO, fare is P20. Airport Shuttle by Super 5 charges P50. Distance is approximately 4.4 kilometers so you’ll be at the highway junction in 5-6 minutes. Get off at the said junction and wait for buses heading to Cagayan de Oro. Taking the bus is good for backpackers or with light luggage.


PUV by CDOTRANSCO – Airport to Highway P20


Super 5 Transport – Airport to Cagayan de Oro P100 including airport shuttle. Super 5 Airport Shuttles are available at Arrival Area. They will drop you off at National Highway Junction where you transfer to Super 5 buses.




Rural Transit -Buses from Rural Tours (RTMI) are available 24 hours and ply the Iligan-CDO route. Bus fares are P85 (aircon) and P30 (non-aircon). Disembark at Cagayan de Oro Westbound Terminal.

Donsal’s Expressoffers fixed rate of P50 from airport to Laguindingan proper, Alubijid and El Salvador City.


OPTION 2 – Express Vans to Cagayan de Oro. Presently, there are now several operators: Laguindingan Airport Express (LAX), Magnum Express, CAGATRANSCO, Glorymer Transport, Donsals Express, JTS, The Lord’s Transport Services, Europcar, Super 5, CDOTRANSCO, Numano Express. They have booths near the parking area.

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1. Magnum ExpressPromo rate of P199. They have many units such as Joylong vans and Jag coasters with free wi-fi on board. Contact (088) 852-1999 for further bookings and inquiries. Drop off points are at Centrio Mall, Agora and at their Magnum Express Hub at Limketkai Mall.

i00631 IMG_3342

2. LAX ShuttlePromo rate is P199. They have a booth fronting Arrival Area. Disembark at their terminal at Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro.


3. CAGATRANSCO – Cars/Vans rental. Good for groups. Rate of P199 per head from airport to CDO. Rates reduce if group is large. Rentals for car (P1,000) and van (P1,500). Drop-off points are at Limketkai Mall, SM City and Agora (Market City). They also have a booth at Arrival Area.

4. Glorymer Transport – Promo rate is P199. Booth available outside arrival area. Drop off is at Centrio, Limketkai Mall and Agora.

i00625 i00626

5. CDOTRANSCO – Air-conditioned shuttle Foton vans. Promo rate of P130. They have booth outside Arrival Area. Drop off points at Centrio, Gaisano Mall, Agora and Divisoria.

6. Europcar – a known airport shuttle service operator is now in Cagayan de Oro. They are exclusive transport for Seda and Tune Hotels. Rate is P200. They also have booth at Arrival Area.

7. Donsal’s Express – Donsal’s is synonymous with Laguindingan and has been conducting vehicle assembly for large public utility jeepneys in the province. They now have airport shuttle service. Rate is P199.

i00618 i00619

8. The Lord’s Transport Services – this entity used to operate at Lumbia Airport. They also cars and vans for rent.


9. Jhalyn Transport Services – cars and van rentals. They also have airport shuttle services for P199 per pax.

OPTION 3 – Airport Metered Taxi (Yellow). These are metered taxis operated by the airport with flag down rate of P70 for the 1st 500 meters and P4.00 for every 300 meters thereafter. Average fare ranges from P550 to P700 depending on the destination. As of April 23, 2014, there is only one provider of airport taxis at the airport – ALPHAT AIRPORT TAXI.


OPTION 4 – Regular Taxi. These are metered taxis with flag down rate of P40. Using the meter costs around P400-P450. They have booth outside Arrival Area.



OPTION 5. Hotels/Tour Operators Airport Transfer – You could also inquire with your booked hotels or tour operators for any airport transfer service they could provide, which might be subject to additional service fees.

NOTE: Colorum transports also abound at the airport and will offer negotiated rates depending how far is your destination. However, please be advised that these are unlicensed public transport services and any accidents, missing luggage or whatever matter will not be properly compensated due to lack of insurance.

OPTION 6. Rent-A-Van/Car – There are also vehicle for hire. Many operators of shuttle services also offer this option.



OPTION 1. Bus to Laguindingan Airport

The fastest way to board buses is to ride a taxi to Westbound Terminal. However, if you are not in a hurry or have a tight budget, you can board a bus to Laguindingan. Buses are available 24 hours at Westbound Terminal in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City.

How to get to Bulua Westbound Terminal

  • From City Proper (Nazareth, Camaman-an, Consolacion) – Ride a motorela (P7.00) to VIP Hotel. Walk towards the southern side of the hotel near Best Bake along JR Borja Street. Board an Iponan-bound jeepney. Tell the driver to drop you off at Westbound Terminal in Bulua. Fare is P10.
  • From Carmen Proper – Ride a motorela (P7.00) to Carmen Market. Walk towards the eastern side of the market fronting Ororama Carmen. Board a Bulua jeep to Westbound Terminal. Fare is P7.00.
  • From uptown area (Pueblo de Oro, Xavier Estates, Xavier Heights, Gran Europa, Lumbia) – Ride downtown-bound jeepneys. These are Lumbia, Xavier Heights, Gran Europa and SM-Pueblo de Oro. All except Lumbia jeepneys pass by the city proper. Lumbia jeepneys go direct to their terminal at Carmen Market. At Carmen Market, walk to the eastern side of the market fronting Ororama Carmen. Board a Bulua jeep to Westbound Terminal. For other jeepneys, get off at CAP Building near Divisoria. Ride a motorela to VIP Hotel. Walk towards the southern side of the hotel near Best Bake along JR Borja Street. Board an Iponan-bound jeepney. Tell the driver to drop you off at Westbound Terminal in Bulua. Fare is P10.
  • From Patag, Apovel – Board B2 or B3 Bulua jeepneys to Westbound Terminal. Fare is P8.
  • From Iponan, Bulua – Board jeepneys bound for the city proper. Tell the driver to drop you off at Westbound Terminal. You can also get off at the Iponan National Highway junction and board Iligan-bound buses. Chances are you will board non-aircon buses which pick up passengers along the way and this will further delay your travel time. Aircon buses don’t usually pick up passengers along the way so you might as well get off at Westbound Terminal.
  • From Puntod, Macabalan – Board RA Pier jeep bound for Divisoria. Tell the driver to drop you off at Malayan (fronting Provincial Capitol). The jeepney stop is just across Malayan Insurance. Cross the street towards Vicente de Lara Park and board a jeep bound for Iponan. Tell the driver to drop you off at Westbound Terminal in Bulua.
  • From Lapasan, Gusa, Cugman, Tablon, Agusan, Puerto, Bugo – Board city proper–bound jeepneys (Lapasan, Cugman, Bugo) and get off at Nazareno Church beside Gaisano Mall. Walk towards Gaisano Mall Chowking and board a Bulua-bound jeepney (B3). B3 jeepneys usually load passengers fronting Chowking. Tell the driver to drop you off at Westbound Terminal in Bulua. Another option is to disembark at Malayan Insurance (fronting Provincial Capitol). All jeepneys pass by Malayan. Cross the street and board Iponan-bound jeepneys.
  • From Canitoan, Pagatpat, San Simon – Board city proper bound jeepneys and get off at Cogon Market. Board Bulua or Iponan-bound jeepneys. Don’t forget to tell the driver to drop you off at Westbound Terminal. Sometimes, the driver will bypass the terminal if no passenger will alight at the said terminal.
  • From Bukidnon and eastern towns of Misamis Oriental (Tagoloan to Magsaysay) – Board CDO-bound buses and get off at Agora Bus Terminal (Market City). Proceed to the north exit (beside Jollibee Market City) and ride a motorela (P7.00) to Gaisano Mall. You can also ride a jeepney (Lapasan) and get off at Gaisano Mall. Walk towards Gaisano Mall Chowking and board a Bulua-bound jeepney (B3). B3 jeepneys usually load passengers fronting Chowking. Tell the driver to drop you off at Westbound Terminal in Bulua. Taxis are also available as shown below.


Another option at Agora is to ride multicabs bound for Westbound Terminal. They have a terminal just across the bus arrival area. However, you need to wait as the multicab only leaves when it is full. Fare is P12.


At Westbound Terminal in Bulua, board either a Rural Transit (RTMI) bus or Super Five bus bound for Iligan. You could also board buses bound for Ozamiz, Pagadian, Zamboanga or Dipolog. However, RTMI Iligan-bound buses depart every 15 minutes. Tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Laguindingan Airport junction. Aircon buses have a fixed rate of P85. Fare for non-aircon buses is P30.


Get off at the airport junction and board vans/multicabs bound for the airport – CDOTRANSCO (P20), Super 5 Airport Shuttle (P50).

OPTION 2. Express Vans to Laguindingan Airport

As of this post, there are at least three operators plying direct from the city to the airport. These are Magnum Express, Laguindingan Airport Express (LAX), and CAGATRANSCO. A fourth, CDOTRANSCO is also set to operate soon.

1. Magnum Express – terminal is at Limketkai Mall East Entrance Canopy. First vans depart at 3:00AM for the first flights. Promo rate is P199 per head and allows you one bag and one trolley. Regular fare is P249 per head. See photos below.



2. Laguindingan Airport Express (LAX) – terminal is at Capt. Vicente Roa Street entrance of Centrio Mall. Promo rate of P199. Their shuttle units are all Toyota Grandia. First trip departs at 4:15am.




3. GLORYMER Transport – Promo rate is P199. Terminal is at Market City and Limketkai Center (near Pasalubong Shop). Contact Nos. 09178829384 (Gloria); 09228938684 (Elmer); 09228661591 (Jojo); 09228332542 (Nelly)

Departure Schedules: Departs every hour (1st trip at 4:00AM)

4. NUMANO SHUTTLE EXPRESS – Terminal at Maxandrea Hotel or any passenger pick up point. Promo rate of P185.

5. EUROPCAR – Exclusive airport shuttle services for Seda Centrio and Tune Hotel. Rate is P200.

6. CDOTRANSCO – Shuttle Foton vans will pick up passengers at Cecil’s Divisoria, Mistoer Donut Divisoria, Dunkin Donuts Divisoria and SaveMore Kauswagan. Fixed rate is P150 per head. Pick up times are shown below. Drop off at airport terminal. CDOTRANSCO is the official transport of CAAP personnel. Contact No. 0942-280-0004 (Look for Cleto); 09437064930; 09166164247; 09264616303.


7. CAGATRANSCO – Tourist vans and cars for hire with pick up points at Market City (Agora), Limketkai Center (near DFA) and SM City. Just contact the numbers indicated below for inquiries and bookings. Rate is P350 per head. You could rent car (P1,000) and/or van (1,500) with pick-up arrangements anywhere in CDO.




cagas1 copy

OPTION 3. Taxi to Laguindingan Airport

Riding a taxi is the fastest way to get to Laguindingan Airport. Taxis can be found anywhere in the city. The flag down rate is P40. All taxis in Cagayan de Oro are also air-conditioned. Most taxi units are Toyota Corolla Vios while others are Toyota Avanza, Nissan Sentra, and Hyundai.  However, because the airport is quite far (44 km) from the city, drivers often charge passengers using “pakyaw” system and will cost between P1,000 to P1,500.


Passengers can also ride in Airport Taxis (Yellow). They are usually found near hotels and malls. Flag down rate is P70


OPTION 4. Jeepney to Laguindingan Airport

There are currently no public utility jeepneys going direct to the airport. However, you can board Laguindingan-bound jeepneys at the Westbound Terminal. Jeepney fare is P20-P25. Get off at the Airport Crossing at Laguindingan town proper and board airport-bound shuttle vehicles stationed at the terminal near the junction. However, be advised that PUJs are slow and will pick up passengers along the way.


Laguindingan Airport is located 44 kilometers northwest of Cagayan de Oro City. Airport Parking Fee is P20.


Overnight Parking at the airport is allowed for a fee of P150.


From Laguindingan, the next towns going east are Alubijid, El Salvador City and Opol, then Cagayan de Oro City.

Usual travel time ranges between 30-45 minutes. Allocate an hour for any travel arrangements.

Here is the AUTHORIZED FARE MATRIX issued by LTFRB. Click image to enlarge.

LADP Advisory

I will be updating this post from time to time especially if there are changes in rates, terminal locations and new operators plying the route. Please do share information so we can help the general public.

Meanwhile, below is the latest flights list at Laguindingan Airport (as of December 29, 2016).





last updated 04 January 2017


  1. bobby says:

    Is there a daily pay parking for private vehicles for passengers bringing their own vehicles for convenience in going to the airport? lets say im leaving my car and be back for a week?

  2. donald k. garcia says:

    Why allow regular taxis to charge ex-meter and rip-off passengers??? This should not be allowed. Why can’t you demand that the Airport Authority or LTO; PNP enforce the meter fare?
    This is crazy, if they refuse to use their meters, ban them from the airport. Something should be done before this gets to be a habit and nothing can be done anymore. Hello….CDO LTO, Laguindingan Airport Managment, CDO PNP?????

    • Dew says:

      I agree with you Donald….any taxis that do not use their meters should not be tolerated… This is a big “turn off” especially for foreigners who are visiting our city… If we promote CDO tourism…there is a need to correct this..Mabuhay CDO. 🙂

    • sickz says:

      I agree. it’s never alright to not do something about regular taxis to charging ex-meter and ripping off passengers. it doesn’t reflect well on the city. i say boo and better do something about it..

  3. timtweety says:

    how to get there from cagayan airport to philippine sinter port?need help..thanks..

  4. je says:

    what’s the update on the road (rehabilitation) re-blocking project by the DPWH near the Alubijid-Laguindingan border?

  5. Joepe miranda says:

    Not all people can afford your rates! It is very inconvenient and costly.
    To the goverment: why did you turn lumbar airport closed for commercial flights?
    Laguindingan is the other side of misamis oriental near litigant. How will the people from tagoloan to gingoog travel when the fare is tripled and time travel is doubled. You are operating without runway lights? You should put safety first.

  6. may8 says:

    would like to correct. fare from CDO-Laguindingan and vice versa by PUJ is PhP 30, not PhP 20-25. i commute almost everyday. and that’s that rate i know. thanks.

  7. ken dizon says:

    How long is travel time from Agora to Balua terminal.. And from Balua terminal to laguindingan airport?

  8. kristen says:

    This a very comprehensive travel guide. Thank you. This is very helpful.

  9. cynthia says:

    Pano po mgcommute from.airport to baingoan port puntang camiguin

  10. jojo says:

    from the airport, proceed to agora. there are vans there for balingoan

  11. LAX SHUTTLE says:

    LAX Shuttle Cdo Terminal is relocated at the Capt. Vicente Roa St. entrance of Centrio Mall near TGIF or FRiDAYS. The area is more spacious and convenient for waiting passengers.

    For Faster Bookings & Inquiries you may call or text
    0917-7101-LAX(529) for Globe & TM
    0925-8100-LAX(529) for Sun, Smart, Talk&Text Numbers.
    please visit our FB page at for updates..:)

  12. Lynda Santos says:

    Please update the schedule of departure of vehicles in the SUMMARY of Travel Guide. Some of the departure schedules have been changed.

  13. Anna says:

    Please help easiest way to go to puerto cdo. From the airportp

  14. wilbert says:

    I really appreciate this site, this is very helpful and informative. keep it up guys, and make sure to update info”s here,, all the best!!!

  15. Ken Hopgood says:

    As a expat who returned to Australia due health.
    I am wondering when the internationals will start.
    it will be cheaper and quicker and I thought that was the idea in the start.
    I spent last 8 years in Balingasag and saw the Airport grow to now night flights so come on Polis wheres the international flights.

  16. Cheys says:

    anyone knows if we can leave our car at the airport for 4 days? thanks

  17. JL says:

    What is the cheapest option to get from CdO to El Salvador and from El Salvador to the airport? Want to drop by the shrine before I head back home.

  18. Jose Manalo says:

    Jayzar Shuttle is much better and faster! =)

  19. Marlon Ariel Polinar says:

    I had a super bad experience to magnum express today. Security are rude. They open all my luugages at wala naman ginawa open lang nonsense. Nag effort kapa mag open at arrange nanaman sa bagahe. Wala talaga kwenta

  20. Marlon Ariel Polinar says:

    I will never ever go to magnum express again. Or maybe not in CDO anymore. Binogo ang magnum

  21. pye says:

    I just want to ask if bus/van trip is always available?Our ETA in Laguindingan airport is at 18:50pm. Me masasakyan pa po kaya going to CDO?


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