Night Life

Cagayan de Oro has a bustling night scene. Below are the main night life districts.


An enclosed commercial complex located along Corrales Extension just across Capitol University. It hosts several establishments like restaurants, coffee and snack bars, videoke bar, gym and fitness centers, spas and beauty salons, medical clinics, hotel and an open area for acoustic music. It also has a large parking area.

  • 2Go Express
  • Amorvida Spa
  • Balbacue
  • Bevo
  • Brewsky & Fry
  • Budgetel Bed & Breakfast
  • Dakak Park & Beach Resort
  • Dunkin Donuts
  • eBusiness BPO
  • Fit Republic
  • Fluppe
  • Great Lab Polyclinic
  • Illest
  • Isla Bonita
  • J’s Burger
  • Junno Deli Café
  • Jabagat Dental Care
  • Mango Mania
  • Microphone Hero
  • Ministop
  • Mykarelli’s Grill
  • Online Arena
  • Sweet Leaf
  • Tree House
  • Uncle Daddy’s
  • Zing Performance & Pain Clinic


A stretch along Corrales Avenue is home to a number of restobars ang night spots. This area comes to life at night.

  • Ban Sabai
  • Big Flat Bread (BFB)
  • Cham’s
  • Diamond Tip
  • Gamba-Bratt Bird-Hogar
  • Happy Tee
  • Kalye
  • LED KTV Bar
  • Lokal Grill
  • Punchbowl Music & Booze
  • Soundbee Music Lounge
  • Watever Family KTV
  • Yuri’s Café


  • 8th Street Bar & Grill
  • J Burger
  • Loreto’s Grill
  • Ocho Biztro


  • Jampakk Bar & Grill
  • Songhits KTV Bar


  • Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
  • Krispy Kreme
  • Krua Thai
  • Shakey’s
  • Starbucks


  • Casa Musica
  • Maxi’s
  • Pulse
  • Terrazzo
  • The Beat
  • Willsbar Music & Video


  • Inilog Grill
  • Lexis Bar & Grill


  • Daru Folkhouse

NIGHT FUN in Cagayan de Oro City

  1. 8th Street Bar & Grill – Tomas Saco cor. 8th St., Nazareth [food/drinks] NEW
  2. Adolfo’s Ribs & Jazz – Country Village Hotel [piano]
  3. Aldy’s Grill & Resto – Vamenta Blvd., Carmen [drinks & videoke]
  4. Arko 8 – Zayas St., Carmen [live acoustic & videoke]
  5. Avenue – Hayes St. beside Bagong Lipunan [drinks]
  6. Backyard – T. Chaves St. [live band, drinks] NEW
  7. Backyard – Paseo del Rio [live band, drinks] NEW
  8. Bagong Lipunan Restauant – Velez St. [videoke]
  9. Big Flat Bread – Corrales Ave. [drinks]
  10. Big Shots Sports Bar – JR Borja Ext. [drinks]
  11. Blue Duck Bar – Mallberry Suites Hotel [live acoustics]
  12. Bossing’s Beerlandia – (formerly Thaoke’s)Fernandez St. cor. Corrales Ave. [live band]
  13. Chaibodia Bistro and Café – Tiano Bros.-Montalban Sts. [food, music & drinks]
  14. Chills Music & Video Family KTV Bar – JR Borja cor. Pabayo St. [videoke]
  15. Club Diva – Southwinds Hotel [piano]
  16. Casa Musica – Hayes cor. Tiano Bros. St. [live band & disco]
  17. Cham’s – Corrales Ave. [drinks]
  18. Compadres Bar – Pryce Plaza [piano]
  19. Concourde 8 Music Lounge – Seriña St.
  20. CSI Café – Capistrano St. (fronting City Hall) [live acoustic, videoke]
  21. D’ Sainte – San Agustin St. [piano]
  22. Dad’s Roadside Grill – Chavez cor. Tiano Bros. Sts. [videoke]
  23. Daru Folkhouse – Aluba, Macasandig [live acoustic]
  24. De Kalsada Bar & Grill – A. Velez Extension cor. Dolores St. [live acoustic]
  25. Diamond Tip – Corrales Ave. [billiards, drinks & videoke]
  26. Eclipse Bar – Ramon Chaves St. [drinks]
  27. Filter Restobar – Hayes St. [videoke, drinks] NEW
  28. G Bar & Grill – T. Chavez St. [drinks]
  29. Gab’s Family KTV Bar – Cruz Taal St. [videoke]
  30. Galam Music Lounge – Seriña cor. Villarin Sts., Carmen [videoke]
  31. Gamba Restobar – Corrales Ave. [drinks] NEW
  32. Gold Sun Family KTV – Capistrano cor. Yacapin Sts. [videoke]
  33. Green Box Family KTV Bar – Capistrano cor. JR Borja Sts. [videoke]
  34. Hammer Time Bar & Grill – Velez St. [live band]
  35. Happy Tee – Corrales Ave. [drinks]
  36. Hogar Restobar – Corrales Ave. [drinks] NEW
  37. Ibiza – Tomas Saco – 1st St., Nazareth [drinks] NEW
  38. Inilog Grill – Tiano Bros. [live acoustic]
  39. Jampakk Music Bar & Grill – JR Borja Extension [live band] NEW
  40. JFerdz Grill Restobar and Café – Kimwa Cpd., Baloy [live band]
  41. Juno KTV – Velez cor. Gomez Sts. [videoke]
  42. Kaberks Bar – Serina St., Carmen [live band, drinks]
  43. Kalye – Corrales Ave. [drinks]
  44. Kubo Upgraded – Serina St., Carmen [live band, drinks, videoke]
  45. Lantaw Cagayan – Masterson Ave., Upper Carmen [live acoustic]
  46. LED KTV – Corrales Ave. [videoke] NEW
  47. Leo’s Restobar & Café – Kimwa Cpd., Baloy, Tablon [piano]
  48. Lexis Bar & Grill – Tiano Bros. cor. Macahambus Sts. [live acoustic]
  49. Light Café & KTV – Limketkai Drive [videoke]
  50. Loreto’s Grill & Restobar – Tomas Saco St. [food, drinks, live band, billiards & videoke]
  51. Manjo’s Cafe and Music Bar – Capistrano St. (fronting City Hall) [live band]
  52. Maxi’s Corner – Velez cor. Fernandez Sts. [food, drinks, live acoustic]
  53. Mitz Restobar – Paseo del Rio [drinks, music]
  54. Moonsbar Family KTV – Yacapin Street [videoke]
  55. Moto Café – Motormate, Gusa [drinks]
  56. Mykarelli’s Grill – JR Borja Ext. [drinks]
  57. Myx Kambingan & Restobar – T. Chaves St. [drinks]
  58. Oasis – Villarin Street, Carmen [live band]
  59. Ocho Biztro – Tomas Saco St. [live band]
  60. Osmeña Coliseum Restobar – Osmeña cor. Quimpo Blvd. [drinks]
  61. Outbox Bar – San Agustin St. [live acoustics]
  62. Panagatan Seafood Restaurant – Opol, Misamis Oriental [piano]
  63. Pulse Live Music Venue – Tiano Bros. cor. Gaerlan Sts. [live band & disco]
  64. Punchbowl Music & Booze – Corrales Ave. [liveband & drinks]
  65. Rhythym Café – Ground Floor, River View Inn [piano]
  66. Roof Top Lounge & Bar – Juan Fuel Bldg., JR Borja Ext. [drinks] NEW
  67. Score Grill & Chill – Tomas Saco St. [videoke]
  68. Sha lala Karaoke – Hotel Koresco [videoke]
  69. Sky Bar – Xavier Estates & Country Club [videoke]
  70. Song Hits! Family KTV – JR Borja Ext. [videoke] NEW
  71. Sound Bee Music Lounge – Corrales Ave. [live band]
  72. Spik Bar Café – de Leon Plaza [drinks, videoke]
  73. Star Mart – Gusa [drinks]
  74. Star Mart – Kauswagan [drinks & videoke]
  75. Star Mart – Velez [drinks]
  76. Steve’s Grill – JR Borja Extension [drinks]
  77. Terrazzo – CM Recto Ave. [drinks]
  78. Terrazzo – Tiano Bros.- Gaerlan St. [videoke, drinks]
  79. The Front Street – Tiano Bros. cor. Gaerlan Sts. [drinks]
  80. The Indie Rock Pub – Capt. Vicente Roa – Agudo Road [live band, drinks] SOON
  81. The Meet Shop – Corrales Ave. (part of Consuelo’s) [live band]
  82. The Site Bar – Kauswagan Highway [live band & disco]
  83. The Star Entertainment – Macahambus St. [piano]
  84. The VenU – Max Suniel St., Carmen [videoke]
  85. Trend Station – JR Borja Ext. [drinks] NEW
  86. Unwind and Drive Restobar – Mandumol, Macasandig [live acoustic]
  87. V Suites – Tiano Bros.-Chavez [videoke]
  88. Vigo’s Videoke & Restobar – Tiano cor. Hayes St. [videoke]
  89. Wat Ever Family KTV Bar – Corrales Ave. [videoke]
  90. Willsbar Music & Video – Pabayo cor. RN Abejuela St. [videoke]
  91. Xavier Square – Masterson Ave. [videoke]
  92. Zoe’s Bar – Estrella Townhouse

ADULT NIGHT SPOTS in Cagayan de Oro City

  1. Ate Vi Club 39 KTV – JR Borja St. [near Persimmon]
  2. Club Gion – Yacapin cor. Capistrano Sts. website:
  3. Cora’s KTV Club – JR Borja cor. Capistrano Sts.
  4. Cuadra de Oro KTV Bar – Tiano Bros. cor. Kalambaguhan Sts.
  5. Funtastic KTV Bar – Cruz Taal cor. Capistrano Sts.
  6. Fantastic Entertainment Bar – Tiano Bros. Street
  7. D’ Gentleman’s Club – JR Borja – Tiano Bros. St.
  8. High Five KTV Bar – Seriña St. cor. Vamenta Blvd., Carmen (formerly Club Troy)
  9. Hot Babes Club – Burgos cor. JR Borja Sts.
  10. Limelight Entertainment – Capistrano St. (fronting Savemore) NEW
  11. Love City Disco – Cruz Taal St.
  12. NUWAVE MUSIC LOUNGE – Burgos cor. Cruz Taal Sts.
  13. Ohbeertym Family KTV Bar – Rizal cor. Pacana Sts.
  14. One Stop KTV Bar – Rizal cor. Cruz Taal Sts.
  15. Oro Rainbow – Jaraula Bldg., Seriña St., Carmen [beside COA]
  16. Pipet’s Videoke Bar – Rizal St.
  17. Shinjuku Karaoke Night Club – Pabayo St.
  18. Syrens – Pacana St. NEW [formerly Spooks]
  19. Basty KTV Bar – JR Borja cor. Pabayo Sts.


last updated 04:55 PM 15 January 2014


  1. ted says:

    A zoomable map for restos, bars and points of interest would be great.

    • Jake Padilla says:

      there’s a map i bought at Filbar’s last week, the cdoguide tourist map. it has zoomed-in map for downtown cdo/divisoria.

  2. Christopher says:

    I am doing research for bringing in money in from out of the country and your listings look great. I have never been to Cagayan de Oro City but I will make a point of spending some time here.


  3. Evan ILIADIS says:

    “DUKE’S SPA – Kauswagan Highway [NEW]-raided by police”

    And Spooks? will be raided some day? The owner Mike Mountstephen has admitted receiving barfines.

  4. Romeo says:

    I never been to Cayagan, but some day I will be there for vacation. I will try to adventure!! if you you give me some detail information should be great!!!!

  5. Evan ILIADIS says:

    Take a look first on this web site so you’ll know what to avoid there.

  6. alex says:

    any gay bar listed above? How do i get the contact numbers of these establishments?

  7. philippinesexpat says:

    Spooks a family KTV bar? That’s not what this blogger is saying here.

  8. Concerned says:

    Spooks is in violation of the laws of the Philippines. Any one that uses women for their own gain is a lowlife piece of crap. Spooks sells women via barfines. Anyone that frequents that bar is supporting a lowlife and promoting the selling of women.

  9. chuypaks says:

    CORAS DISCO chuy adtuan

  10. B Be Bee says:

    Cagayan de Oro is a very nice city. We do not want sex perverts here. All you perverts from US and Europe please go to Thailand with your filthy disgusting ways.

    @ Evan Iliadis, thank you for your good work, I have read stuff on your Website (sexpatswallofshame) and links. Keep the pressure on these perverts, run them out of Mindanao.

    Take a look at photo number 2 above, these white perverts corrupting young girls. These men are old enough to be their Grandad. Perverts, get out of CDO, go back to your respective Countries and abuse your women. They take nude photographs of Filipinas then post it on the Internet for the world to see. The idiot who owns Spooks even refers to Filipinas as “Cattles”. F*****g Pig.
    We will force you out if we have to!

  11. Jar-al says:

    Re-open na ba ang Duke spa? pila man ang rate? thanks sa makatabang.

  12. lorilyn says:

    wow…nice to see places in cdo now that im in UAE….hope u will update everytime…miss the night life there…

    though still have good pinoy band here but iba jud ang tugtug cdeoh..thanks

  13. reygz... says:

    pinoy ba owner ng spooks? hope i can visit spooks to enjoy with my friends…

  14. maggie says:

    do you have any contact number of D’ SAINTE RESTOBAR? PLEASE REPLY ASAP

  15. Bong says:

    I am shocked that this website is promoting bars encouraging prostitution in the city! Shame on this website!

  16. Cdo gurl says:

    Nice one gilbert t… Haha … Ka busy bah sa billboard nga naa ang mayor! It aint his money.. How come xa langmay picture.. Doesn’t the rest deserve to be there too?

    • gilbert t says:

      whats up? hehehehe pahimu ko tarpaulin ugma. “gilbert t, cdo tax payer. i dont like the color of the macanhan flyover, why wasnt i consulted?”


      my post will be deleted VERY SOON.

  17. cdo/local says:

    Bye bye Gilbert t.

    • gilbert t says:

      cdo/local? i doubt it. more like tagoloan/local. hahahahaha

      i bet you Php10,000.00 that you wont be able to provide a birth certificate showing cdo as your birth place. hahaha

      ako imung i-bye2 dinhi sa akong ciudad nga natawhan? mura kag si emano aka purple f ana! HAHAHA

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    Does anyone know the contact number of Dad’s Roadside Grill in CDO? Can I have it please?
    Thank you so much.

  20. bill says:

    Love do i play blues,jazz,funk,r an b 50’s … love pinoy folk. an bob barley . cant wait to get a band together in do. and dig the music scan do is happening !! I am a ” Joe”. Mabuhay kababayans !!

  21. rodelyn says:

    where to apply cashier for graveyard shift

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