City Ordinance No. 11087-2008: Prescribing the rules and regulations in the conduct and operation of whitewater rafting in the city.

Article IV: Fixed river rafting minimum uniform rate, regular or privilege, to be paid by the rafting guests.

  1. From Uguiaban to Kabula section of the Cagayan River, the rate is P1,000 per guest;
  2. From Rest House, Dansolihon to Kabula, P800; and
  3. From Aura, Mambuaya to Kabula, P700.


1. Cagayan de Oro River Tours Corp. WEBSITE:

2. Golden Friendship White Water Rafting Corporation WEBSITE:


3. Rafting Adventure Philippines WEBSITE:

4. Kagay WEBSITE:

5. Bugsay Corp. WEBSITE:


6. Great White Water Tours, Inc. WEBSITE:


Cagayan de Oro City is known as the Whitewater Rafting Adventure Capital of the Philippines

Kayaking – WEBSITE:


Water Tubing






Macahambus Cave (Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro City)



MONIGUE CAVE (Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro City)



CUEBA DE ORO – Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro City. TEXT BELOW taken from Nature Spirits – Philippine Travel Articles (

A short drive from the city’s center brings you to the jump-off point for Cueba de Oro, a cave open to exploration by more adventurous tourists. Named by TV host Miriam Quaimbao who was one of the first tourists to go through it, Cueba de Oro is no ordinary cave. To enter it, one must rappel 120 feet down to its entrance. While the guides do give you a clear briefing on all the rappelling techniques, it does not prepare you for the slipperiness of the cave walls. It is a tiring vertical walk down as you spend a lot of energy trying to get good footholds on the wet cave wall. Once at the bottom however, you can look up and appreciate the great height that you rappelled down from. It will feel like another great achievement to tell your friends back home.

Vandals do not abuse the cave as the only entrance is the mouth that you have to rappel down from and the exit is a submerged opening on the other side. The stalactites and stalagmites are preserved and are a wonder to see. Claustrophobic people beware however, there are moments when you are walking in shoulder-level water and the cave ceiling is just a few inches above your head. But if you can get over that, the sensation actually feels quite peaceful and relaxing.

There are moments when you are submerged up the neck, but mostly you are splashing in ankle- to knee-deep water. The whole underground journey takes about an hour, just the right amount of time to make you feel like you’ve really gone “spelunking” without getting too tired of the darkness.

Cueba de Oro Rapelling (120 feet down from cave entrance)

Exiting the cave is as exciting as entering it because you have to walk submerged through a passage to get to the outside. While you only stay immersed for a short while, the thought of it is daunting. It helps to be in the company of guides who are experienced and trustworthy outdoorsmen. In neck-deep water, a guide will help you maneuver through the underwater passage, while another guide awaiting you on the other side, will help pull you up to where there is air space to breathe. When you open your eyes, you will see sunlight and after just a few steps you will find yourself in a pool by the cave’s exit.

The guides tell of the time they first explored the cave and discovered this underwater exit. The pool beyond was then being used by women to wash their clothes. When the long-haired mountaineers appeared from this unknown passage, the surprised women ran away screaming. They thought swamp creatures had suddenly come up from the depths of the earth! In a way, you sort of feel that way when you emerge into the sunlight.


F.S. Catanico Falls (view and creeking)

Balubal Lookout (view, maybe creeking in the future, maybe BASE jump in the future, MTB ride)

Sagpulon Falls (view and swim)

Sapong Spring (if this is still running)

Tagoloan River (kayaking, canyon view)

Jasaan River creeking

Agutayan Island (white sand, swim, snorkel, scuba)

Malasag (MTB ride downhill, Lenten season)

Opol shoal (swim, sea kayak)

MTB rides (PLENTY, ask these guys ->


GUADALUPE SHRINE – Igbalalay Hills, Tablon, Cagayan de Oro City

River Trekking  (going to shrine)

River Tubing (going back)



Zip Lining

River Trekking

Horseback Riding (15 min., 30 min., 1 hour)

Iza Calzado on horseback at Mapawa

Horseback Trail Ride


Waterfalls slide

Rappeling (MINOR)

Rappeling (EXTREME)

Mountain Biking


NOSLEK CANOPY WALK – Magbais, Claveria, Misamis Oriental (1 hour 45 min. from Cagayan de Oro City) TEXT BELOW taken from Nature Spirits – Philippine Travel Articles (

Built under the Department of Tourism’s Eco-Tourism Program, the Canopy Walk was inaugurated in December 1997. It was built by the DOME or De Oro Mountain Explorers, which continues to maintain it. Keeping to an “all environmental” policy, no nails were used to construct it and the design was based on how much the trees could carry without getting stressed. The design was based on the first canopy walk built in nearby Bukidnon by John Kelson, a Canadian representative of Conservation International who went to the Philippines to study its indigenous birds. In tribute to the man who first brought the idea to the country, it is officially called Noslek Canopy Walk, Noslek being an anagram of Kelson’s name.

The first, longest and most difficult canopy walk

Imagine yourself 12 stories up in the air, and the only thing supporting you is a metal bar two inches wide that’s shaking in the wind. You move to step on the next little bar but you are distracted by the view below you… a 120-foot drop to the forest floor. That’s what the first moments on the Canopy Walk in Claveria, Misamis Oriental feels like.

The city of Cagayan de Oro in Northern Mindanao is a perfect jumping point for adventure trips that combine both an adrenaline rush and an immersion in unspoiled nature. An hour’s drive from the city will bring you to the jump-off point to the Canopy Walk. An uphill, 1.5-kilometer hike through the lush rainforest of Magbais will bring you to the first platform.

The Noslek Canopy Walk won the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award and adjudged as one of the Best Tourism Program of the Philippines of the World Tourism Organization.

There are five platforms built around trees 100 to 120 feet tall. To get from one to another, you have to walk on hanging bridges made out of steel cables and those two-inch stepping bars. Even if you are double harnessed to a safety cable overhead, the first moments are terrifying! The bridge sways with the wind and shifts with your every movement. When you get to the next platform, you will likely fight the urge to hug the tree and hang on for dear life!


MACAHAMBUS ADVENTURE PARK – Mambuaya, Cagayan de Oro City (25 minutes from City Proper, 10 minutes from Lumbia Airport) – CLOSED FOR RENOVATION

Sky Bridge – 123 meters long, 150 meters high

Zip Line – 120 meters long, 150 feet high



MALASAG ECO-VILLAGE (Cugman, Cagayan de Oro City)

  • monkey bridge (php 10.00/pax)


DAHILAYAN ADVENTURE PARK – Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon – WEBSITE:

Zip Zone – (Longest dual cable line in Asia-840 meters)

Zipline rates (Effective April 1, 2010)

  • Ride-All-You-Can Package: 840 meters + 320 meters + 150 meters Zip Rides Php 600.00/pax
  • Zip Line 840 meters only – Php 500.00/pax
  • Zip Line 320+150 meters – Php 250.00/pax

Drop Zone



DAHILAYAN GARDENS AND RESORT – Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon


Jet Boating – A battery operated jet boat (similar to a jetski): P200/10 min

Water Balling – A large inflatable ball that allows you to “walk on water”: P100 /5 min

Tilapia Fishing – Go fishing at the lagoon for tilapia and have the option of bringing it home or have it grilled by resort staff

  • P100/person – fishing fee
  • P60/kg – tilapia fee
  • P40/kg – grilling fee

Horseback Riding – P100/round


MANTIANAK ZOOLOGICAL AND BOTANICAL GARDEN (Sugbongcogon, Misamis Oriental) – all photos by chitgoks

  • with camping and picnic site
  • mini zip line for kids (Php 30.00/pax)


INITAO NATURAL PARK – Initao, Misamis Oriental

  • cliff diving
  • spelunking


Lasang Secret Adventure is located within the 57-hectare natural forest called Initao Natural Park with diverse flora and fauna. What makes this park unique is that the National Highway (Cagayan de Oro to Iligan) snakes through the forest. Spelunking, fishing, swimming, snorkelling, scuba diving and diving from the high steep rock surface down to the sea water are one of the most exciting activities that can be go through in this place.

Entrance Fee (Php 250.00) includes:

  • 100-meter boardwalk from the highway to the forest’s inner sanctum;
  • 74-step spiral staircase;
  • skywalk that are fastened on decks of mounted on giant endemic century-old Talisay Gubat trees (100 ft above ground); and
  • zipline (125 meters)


GLONWICKS HIGHLAND RESORT – Baikingon, Cagayan de Oro City (first dual zipline in the city)

  • zipline (500 meters) – P200 – adults, P150 – kids
  • Contact: 09207206730; 09072434148


ULTRALIGHT FLYING “THE FLYING GECKO” (Damilag, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon)

  • Cost (15 min flying) – P950.00
  • Contact: 09165937034 (Cal Frias)
  • Contact: Gina Amador of La Montana Tours (+639209600192)



  • 4-course ziplines up to 2,500ft, hanging bridge, zorb, big swing, bungee tramp;
  • a 360-degree view of North-South-East-West of Mindanao Island
  • Contact: (088) 309-4986 or (088) 858-4986




last updated 29 October 2013


  1. Christopher says:

    These are a great way to have fun. I have been trying to find a way to bring tourist to Mindanao and this will help a lot. Please let me know if you would be interested in more tourist’s from outside of the country.

    Thank You

  2. Christopher says:

    The website listed here is the main one I am using now but I will create another for tourists.


  3. vic says:

    Tablon is one of the best FREE outdoor fun adventures in Cdo. You get to cross more than 10 knee-deep winding waterways on its river passing thru unspoiled, thankfully still uncommercialized area, using the 14 stations of the cross along the way as the guide, to reach the shrine on a hilltop, which would be a pleasant rest and prayer area after the fun cool trek.

    try it. entrance at national highway to tablon beside PETRON station, passing thru small barrio to reach the trek start by the river bed (about 500 mtrs from the national road).

    • CDO Kayaker says:

      The river trekking on the Gusa river is also free but no shrine destination just plain river trekking.

    • CDOKayaker says:

      We did it even better by Kayaking the whole river from Brgy. Balubal all the way to near the hi-way bridge.
      see video in Youtube here;

    • CDOKayaker says:

      We did it even better by Kayaking the whole river from Brgy. Balubal all the way to near the hi-way bridge.
      see video in Youtube here;

  4. aldo filomeno says:

    May i know if the river going tho the Guadalupe Shrine is the Umalag River?

  5. CDO Kayaker says:

    Hello Blogger,

    Please include;

    1) F.S. Catanico Falls (view and creeking)
    2) Balubal Lookout (view, maybe creeking in the future, maybe BASE jump in the future, MTB ride)
    3) Sagpulon Falls (view and swim)
    3) Sapong Spring (if this is still running)
    4) Tagoloan River (kayaking, canyon view)
    5) Jasaan River creeking
    6) Agutayan Island (white sand, swim, snorkel, scuba)
    7) Malasag (MTB ride downhill, Lenten season)
    8) Opol shoal (swim, sea kayak)
    9) MTB rides (PLENTY, ask these guys ->

    I will add more in the future.

    • damarre says:

      OK thanks….do you know who operates the new zip-line at Mambuaya which crosses the river and hanging bridge on the way back? thanks again

      • CDO Kayaker says:

        no idea yet…but most likely the group of Rupert Domingo.
        They have been scouting that area for a while already.
        Otherwise, the land owner runs that zip line.

        • damarre says:

          there’s a tarp of the said new zip line installed just across Macahambus cave where there are stalls selling crafts, etc… there’s a cell no. indicated on the tarp but i wasn’t able to write it down…

  6. joyce reyes says:

    hi! me and my friends (8persons) are going to CDO this july. can you help us plan our trip? we’d like to try basic water rafting, minor rappeling, zipline, swim and snorkel… but our time is limited. we’ll arrive at 10am on july 3 and leave at 9am on july 5. do you have other suggestions that we should try? and can you help us with our itinerary? we’re not familiar with the place so we don’t know what to do after the other… not sure kung anu magkakalapit na pede namin i try ng magkakasunod.

    • damarre says:

      Hi…since you’ll be arriving at 10am, I suggest youtake the ZIPZONE at Dahilayan Adventure Park in the afternoon of July 3. But first you’ll have to arrange with the white water rafting operators.. try to contact them in my OUTDOOR FUN PAGE (visit the websites). The rafting will take you approximately 4-5 hours. You can arrange that on July 4 AM. The afternoon of July 4 will your option, swimming and snorkeling seems too far out. I suggest you visit Mapawa Nature Park for rapelling and other sorts…but again, make initial arrangements.

  7. Great post, in-depth presentation of the adventure trips Cagayan de Oro has to offer.

  8. cdo_15 says:

    i’m from cdo but i never experience white-water rafting…..

  9. Bwahaha says:

    those who are questioning CDO being the Adventure Capital of the Philippines should see this section of Project Watch.. 😉

  10. sam says:

    Our schedule for 3-day company camping, team building and adventure will be on April 2011. We have 50 employee participants.

    Since our schedule is very very tight, I hope all amenities of jatico Adventures will be finished before April. I suppose they fit with our selection criteria.

    Reading this blog and other postings online regarding cdo adventures, the above mentioned company jatico offers ALL-IN-ONE package so as they say in their website blog. It’s good that they incorporated river rafting and caving in their package, and they claim that they are just very near the City Center, only 19 minutes away from downtown city. Wherein in case of emergency, a near hospital is accessible enough. That is very important to us. May mga matataba po kaming kasama… JejejeJe. Heart attack dude!

    Our criteria for a place is as follows (Cagayan de oro was considered by our manager due to rising adventure facilities) :

    1) We need a camp ground / hut / cr / basic amenities
    2) We need team building facilities for our activities
    3) We need adventure amenities like zorb, bungee, zipline, swing, hanging bridge, rafting, caving etc…
    4) must be near hospitals and near the city proper
    5) must have mountains and nice view
    6) affordable rates $$$ no need for expensive rates and Loooong travel time, accessibility issues.
    7) food food food availability! esp. native foods. Sawa na kami sa manila food!
    8) nature sight seeing, trekking and nature view
    9) bonfire at night
    10) city night sightseeing.
    11) other things that can impress us – manilenos!

    HeHeHe to much of an asking ey?

    Give us your best shot CagayandeOro…. all love from Luzon. 🙂

    • CDO Kayaker says:

      Hi Sam,

      I’m not affiliated with Mapawa. But Mapawa has better “Camp Ground” compared to Jatico. Jatico just open recently but I haven’t been to their site and perhaps they have more of the activities based on their ads on their website.

      Mapawa is closer to nature and the degree of difficulty is higher compared to Jatico.

      No rafting in Mapawa because the location is on top of the mountain and only small creeks.

      There is no bungee yet in CDO and NorMin. I wont’ bungee myself if the water below is not deep enough.

      When you say “hanging bridge” you probably mean “Canopy Walk”. The “real” Canopy Walk is in Claveria but it’s a 1:45 hours trip from CDO.

      Dahilayan Forest Park has more facilties and adventure compared to Jatico or Mapawa. But Dahilayan is in Bukidnon.

      So closest to the hospital is either Mapawa or Jatico.

      Glonwicks is also close to CDO CBD but not much facilities compared to Mapawa and Jatico.

    • CDO Kayaker says:

      btw, the bungee tramp ads in Jatico is ONLY a trampoline not a real bungee jump.

      you will see those bungee trampoline where kids are riding not adults.

  11. sam says:

    cdo kayaker,

    i know what is the difference between a bungee tramp and a bungee jump, we are not looking for a near death experience, we are just looking for real fun and a lil adrenaline surge, and bungee jumping wont be fun for most of the people, i think 90% wont do bungee jump, 10% junkies will do that. maybe u forgot to read my comment na may mga matataba kami at ang puso! jejejeje 

    Have you been to jatico? i called their office and they are not open yet and they still do not allow people to have a sneek peek at their facilities, how come u know the difference of jatico and mapawa and bukidnon? this number is placed in their website (088)309-4986, call them and verify as i have done, sounds funny for you to say that, dont worry we will try mapawa if we have time, jatico is set already for our april outings. bukidnon is very far as other blogs perceive.

    First of all, you should have introduce the amenities first of mapawa and base your arguments on other peoples experience, for mapawa there are few blogs, for jatico just initial services that they can offer in which we are looking forward to experience first. they said they will open probably by feb last week.

    other than that i havent seen any blog xperiences, just ther jatico adventures facebook community updates and their website saying “ongoing constrction”.

    hahaha i smell competition! Lower rates lower rates! best price best price! kakatuwa ang cdo ngayon! lets go to cdo!!!!!!!!

  12. Jatico Adventures says:

    Please be informed that Jatico Adventures is not yet open. Official site opening hasn’t even been announced yet! We are now in the final stages of deploying and testing our different rope courses, rides, jumps, hiking trails, teambuilding and camping facilities. The Jatico Adventures management will definitely hold a press conference announcing its opening. Thank you for your patience guys! You will definitely enjoy a memorable experience with Jatico Adventures 🙂

  13. CDO Kayaker says:

    CORRECTION sa imong whitewater tubing photos. Ang kanang 2nd photo (with NO helmet and Blue shirt guides) murag sa Sarangani na nga 1.6km Only water tubing. That’s Manny Pacman’s whitewater tubing. Very short run only 1.6km

  14. We would like to apologize to the general public that due to the following circumstances Jatico Adventures’ opening was delayed:

    1) Rainy Season. Construction manhours is heavily affected.

    2) Upgrading from 4-course zipline to 5-course zipline with hanging bridge. Another 15-day preparation for zipline foundations and platforms.

    Rest assured that when everything is in placed, we would be glad to open it for you!

    You can see all our updates on our FB account “Jatico Adventures” just click the button LIKE!


    Jatico Adventures

    8am to 6pm, 7 days a week!

    8am to 6pm, 7 days a week!

    DIRECTIONS: LIKE “jatico adventures” fb account or click this LINK–>

    RATES: LIKE “jatico adventures” fb account or click this LINK–>

  17. CDO Kayaker says:

    Hi Webmaster,
    Please update this page because some pictures are not showing, e.g. Angel Locsin, Kayaking, Tubing, Freefall, Malasag Eco-village, etc. Or you intentionally removed the pictures?

  18. Apache says:

    Kudos to the bloggers. This is a great site. Well-presented and very informative.

  19. Apache says:

    Just a word of advice to this site’s visitors: If you think you don’t agree with what the bloggers say, say it nicely or don’t say anything at all. Your rudeness very well reflects your whole personality. I like the manner in which CDO kayaker replies – very professional which indicates good breeding.

  20. cs luis says:

    Hello, official website of Kagay is not but

  21. Lhodz says:

    Hi! My bf and I are going to CDo this January 2013 and will be staying 4days/3nights. Any itinerary suggestions that includes camiguin, white water rafting, zipline? Thanks in advance.

  22. Lhodz says:

    Sorry that’s January 2014.

  23. darling says:

    where can i get contact information for river tubing

  24. Kawai says:

    Hai all.asa chada adtoan her in cdo.kanang mg enjoy ang mga kids.tnxs

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