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This blog is your CDO Guide for projects, CDO Guide for constructions, CDO Guide for proposals, CDO Guide for investments, and CDO Guide for news articles found in the internet, coffeeshops, restaurants, seminars, press releases and other functions…ALL on progress in Cagayan de Oro City, Misamis Oriental and Northern Mindanao as a whole. CDODev also includes articles on heritage, lifestyle, sports, tourism and other CDO-related information gathered from the web.

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  1. Oliver says:

    Thanks for doing this blog-development news updates- I enjoyed it very much.

    I feel sad to see that some of our newer building (city owned) like the new Cogon and Carmen Markets have no appeal—architecture-wise. City leaders could have pushed for nicer building designs (which could impress other people from other cities and places)—those buildings are just too functional of a design–nothing to be proud of. I will not be surprised if the design for the new Agora Market (sounds too stupid–redundant names; Agora means market) is the same as that of Cogon and Carmen’s. Too bad for Cagayan de Oro.

    • tata says:

      Try to look at the new face of the former agora market today. Perhaps you will admire its design. Its no longer agora market but MARKET CITY

      • tata says:

        Its the home of SM Save More. The first in mindanao.

      • cdonative says:

        P500 million for the upgrade of Cogon and Carmen is just wasteful spending… look kinsa nakinabang, mga chinese that are not even residents. rent payments that are not advantageous to the city. look where the market vendors are, they are at the sidewalks and streets… the Market City upgrade was financed by private sector under BOT…

    • Mark Hesprich says:

      I don’t know any Bisaya, but I understand Agora means, more like, square, hub, or central location.

  2. Ayman says:

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  3. Roy Gaane says:

    Thanks. This is the type of blog that Kagay-anons living abroad or outside of Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental would like to see. The tourism guide is terrific and its so good to be updated with all the developments going on. Surely you are making the city and region great attractive for investments.

  4. tony says:


    Are there any plans to contruct a replica of the Cagayan de Oro Fort ? There is no big old historical landmark in cagayan de oro. This would be a good tourist attraction if they build a replica of the Cagayan de oro Fort ! Thanks

  5. I disagree about the market name as being a problem. The repeat names seem to be a culture thing. My son Aian nickname is Yan Yan and my daughters name is Riza but her nickname was tel tel. She was only 1 kilo when she was born so maybe it means very small. I also have cousins called jing jing and sha sha. Nobody seems to find the repeat names offensive.

  6. Joseph Jude B. Estrosas says:

    Agora Market will be renamed Market City… It will house SM Savemore… 🙂

  7. Hello,

    My name is Carmen Planells and I was born in Cagayan De Oro and now I live in the US. I am so proud and excited to see positive news about my home. It is amazing how much it has grown and hope to come back and see it for myself very soon.

    I also wanted to share some news about my son who is a proud Filipino who has made a name for himself working in sports/basketball in films, TV and commercials. He has worked on movies such as Coach Carter, The Longest Yard, Spider-Man 3 and others.

    He also works as a NBA scout and has coached professional basketball in Japan.

    He is currently working to organize a basketball clinic in the Philippines and he would like to do one in Cagayan De Oro.

    You can go on this link – http://hernandoplanells.com/images/file/HP_carymagazinearticle_March2010.pdf

    My son is eager to help his fellow Filipinos strive for greatness in their lives. Feel free to contact him at hernando@hernandoplanells.com

    Thank you

  8. nonoy ilogon says:


    ive forwarded his site to my brother who is helping young children how to play basketball.

    congrats! great kid. youve raised him well.

  9. Jobags Bagabuyo says:

    Thanks for this development up dates, makes me proud to be a cagayanons… keep up the good works

  10. Tito John says:

    I heard a rumor on good authority that SM is building a supermarket in Agora.

  11. Jim says:

    This is a fantastic site for those living in CdeO. I particularly like the fact that the project news is bang up to date and not historical.
    Keep up the good work folks.

  12. rinalourd abao says:

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  13. paolo says:

    hi damarre,

    can i email you? i have a proposal for your site.

    please send me an email


  14. rinalourd abao says:

    hello we need to bring a bio data to tke my ojt

  15. fromcdo says:

    if walang mga wires sa kadalanan nato, motsada gyud ang cdo…please watch the video below. this is an opportunity for the konseho to improve the citys image and attract investments:

    i hope progress watch can forward this to the city council or whoever is concerned. thnx

  16. Dave says:

    Great site! Very informative, I hope with all the malls and businesses constructed inside or outside the city the road traffic should be a priority too i.e. road widening, putting extra bridge, review road traffic system, etc…Even now especially in Puerto, bulua, carmen, marcos bribge, velez st.. traffic sucks.. There are lots of traffic officers/aides but are still useless coz of the bottle necking… I just hope the local will make a move on this!!! thanks. “A good city must have a good traffic system.”

  17. Jeaneth says:

    This site somehow relieves my homesickness, I feel connected to my roots!

  18. radz says:

    Good day Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc. (CCBPI),

    To the ADMIN/HR:

    Sir/Madam, isa ako sa nag.apply last job fair na ginawa ninyo. Actually hindi ako student ng Mindanao Univesity of Science and Technology (MUST), pero nag lakas loob po akong mag-apply I thought na kahit hindi student ng MUST pwedeng mag-apply. Let me ask you a question, yung job fair na ginawa nyo last August ay para lang ba sa mga MUST students? Panu na kami na taga-ibang schools? Ibig bang sabihin may favoritism kayo sa company nyo? Sir pinaasa nyo lang kami, ba’t tinanggap nyo pa ang application letter namin, kung wala namang mangyayaring maganda. Subukan nyo naman kami, huwag kayong close minded, bigyan nyo naman kami ng pagkakataon at saka taga-cagayan de oro rin kami. To the Management of Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippine, Inc., sana bigyan nyo ng pansin ito. Thank you! …T_T

  19. Stanley says:

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  20. radz says:

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  21. lorimer says:

    congratulations! am so glad and proud to see this site! Mindanao – the land of promise – looks like cdo is doing its share! – my only question is how much of the locals (mga natives of cdo) are investing their money on these projects. are they able to become joint venture partners for most if not all of the new investments? alam ko maraming rich kagay-anons. hoping they are investing locally that generates jobs and opportunities! keep up the good work!

  22. clarissa Arranguez says:

    i left my guess watch with black strap at room 404 last dec. 29 when we had an overnight stay at new dawn pensionne under the name of anthony/ celeste labajo. i tried to call your cell number but it was incorrect. I am in butuan city right now. can i have it back? i would appreciate ur reply.. this is my number 09205640587

  23. hrhmich says:

    this is a great blog, keep it up!

  24. perwati nadal says:

    Progress Watch: https://cagayandeorodev.wordpress.com IPR violations

    To the owner of this blog, I have noticed that this blog is getting the stories from other sources and is in violation of Intellectual Property Rights. Please communicate properly from the site owners that you wish to use their articles and stories and use a link instead of pasting the entire stories. the writers have taken time and have given effort to come up with the stories, you cannot just simply copy and paste these stories. ask for permission before using any other text or information coming from other sites. Please be a responsible blogger.

  25. chuypaks says:

    kinsa blogger ani?> chuy lagi … i-featured ta ni sa TV

  26. April Camille Tan Lao says:

    nice one..thumbs up for this blog..hopefully you have a page in fb… mindanaoans esp. in misamis oriental will be really proud that we have something to share to our fellow filipinos and foreigners around the world..
    i am hoping for the fb page link..surely many will LIKE ..this will also give more support…

  27. degie paulo says:

    this really captivates my attention… it’s so amazing and i can’t wait for the next coming years that i will no longer fly by to another country just to see such incredible tall buildings.. i’m proud to be a kagay-anon!!!

  28. jesse says:

    I salute and commend the effort of the people behind this website. Congratulations. Sharing these information is a way of contributing to our city’s economy; by encouraging tourists both local and foreign to visit our city.

    I also admire the attitude of the administrator, very open and receptive to comments and suggestions even nuisance comments and very patient to accommodate inquiries.

    Your effort is highly commendable!

  29. pacha dah says:

    i would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the people who created this wonderful site; loads and loads of information can be found here and its very informative specially that it comes with photos aswell, great job everyone !

  30. Patrick Kim Agus says:

    Im proud to be kagay-anon, more progress northmin…

  31. Charmie says:

    I like this Page.. keep it up!

  32. maggie says:

    i would like to have the contact number of D’ SAINTE RESTOBAR

  33. roygaane says:

    You are doing us a great service specially for us who are living abroad or those living outside of Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental. It helps us plan when to go home, where to stay and where to eat.`

  34. limsky says:

    hey whats with glitches in your website? I hope you fix that soon.

    • warren says:

      Limksky, i also worried last month. It seemed this blog sympathized cagayanon on ts sendong tragedy or this is really a twin of cdo. when the twin got sick she also in sick. 🙂

      • oliver says:

        hi warren, there was a surge of web traffic during the Sendong event that causes our server to it’s knees forcing the web hosting company to take action :(, in short we cannot handle the load, we learned from experience and now everything seems ok and we are ready for such traffic spike in the future..

  35. warren says:

    Kudos to the people behind this blog. Hope glitches will never come again.
    I like the new theme now. Looks so Cagayanonish 😀

  36. oliver says:

    hey guys, we have issue with web hosting last month, everything is ok now, including full backup of our database :p thanks to all the support.

  37. mags4short says:

    good day!

    to the admin, ok kaau inyong blog-site bai it would really appreciate all kagay-anons for developments and recent activities..thums up! and keep it up…hope for the best to our city and fellow kagay-anon all over the world.

    godbless and more power to ur site!

  38. Kagay-anun says:

    Can I request that please add the project budget and the politician who proposed it? It would be easy to criticize it. Thanks!

  39. mags4short says:

    to: theresnoplacelike_cgy

    hey there! i am not from magstv na ato ni! but a fellow kagay-anon wants to update recents activities and progress in our city and a fan also of magtv na ato jud ni! hehehe

  40. http://www.facebook.com/ChinosDeli – Breakfast Meals available at Casa Luciana Gust House with Home-made Deli meat products by Chino’s Deli.

  41. luibars says:

    @damarre e balik tong old na web page design,, ky kaning bag.o libog kau..

  42. Red says:

    i am trying to download a file from your site. Here is the URL,

    http://www.cdodev.com/2011/10/18/northern-mindanao-regional-development-plan-for-2011-2016/ but the link i think is dead.

    Could you re-post the file please?

    thank you so much! great site btw!

    • Gene Eric says:

      I Googled it and I guess this is what you need: http://www.neda.gov.ph/RDP/2011-2016/RegX_RDP_2011-2016.pdf

  43. Yor says:

    This is a good and improved site of cdodev.com… I would just like to point out my observation on the “Featured Stories” box of your main page which keeps on changing its size each time the featured stories are cycled. Once this is fixed, this will also minimize constant re-adjustments of the “Other Stories” located below the “Featured Stories”.

    All in all.. great site.. Kudos..

    • Yor says:

      By the way.. made this observation using the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, IExplorer and Safari..

      • Gene Eric says:

        It changes because photo and text associated with the scrolling main stories are of different size and length.  For example, posts may have larger picture than others or may contain longer preliminary writeups.

  44. Inz says:


    I am from cdo. And may i ask why malou of masterchef pinoy edition isn’t mention/ featured or even posted in this site inspite that she is from cdo/ bukidnon, I or we would be gladly be honored that our city was recognized in the said show and its a great honor or even pride that she’s from here.

    Facebook fan page MC MALOU


  45. Iyeesha says:

    hello. GoodEvening po. I have something to ask lng. hmm. Sa DFA po ba naten dto cdeo ei pwede ring dyan makuha yong ribbon para sa marriage contract na gagamitin sa Saudi?

  46. Glenford Labial says:

    Hi i am Glenford…i am happy to inform you, my fellow Kagay-anons that a Kagay-anon, Mr. Ryan Javierto, a friend and a highschool batch mate was among the finalists of the PAGCOR’s photography contest 2013. His photo won the MOST LIKED PHOTO. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201526057583382&set=gm.568140556569972&type=1&theater

  47. Iñigo Gabriel says:

    I noticed that your post on SM CDO2 Premier was deleted. What happened? Thanks and more power!

    • Gene Eric says:

      Probably due to too many obscenities. I myself don’t join in that mudslinging. You can still view a cached or view it in the Internet Wayback Machine.

      • Iñigo Gabriel says:

        I see. I usually skip reading those obscene comments… I’m more on the juicy part of the news or buzz. Anyhow, there’s too much pride in this camp and too much arrogance on the other camp; if only theirs are deleted instead.

        • Gene Eric says:

          Agree! It would be too taxing for Damarre to locate and delete obscenities one be one, hopefully the engine that powers the blog (wordpress) can have a filter like email and place a Comment Rules that would be a basis for deletions and banning users and IP Addresses.

          • damarre says:

            thanks gene eric… we’re working on it but cdodev admins also have other work… sometimes obscene words are hard to filter especially if it uses local dialect.

  48. Joepe miranda says:

    Mayor Oscar Moreno please what is that facilities fee collected in agora terminal? We pay two (2.00) per person without receipts. They will issue a stub which indicates facilities fee for toilet use then collect back the stub by guards so will have no proof of your payment. They do not have TIN no. Nor goverment approved policy. Even this is a toll fee, the question is whether or notthecommuters should pay for the toll or the bus company? Remember commuters going butuan or gingoog are the average or below average earners.
    Is the agora terminal paying the proper tax when there is no proper accounting on their collections? Why don’t you provide an alternative bus terminal since the airport was moved to laguindingan. Please we are having difficulty frombalingasag to laguindingan especially when we are with the senior citizens and with my babyandchildren of minor age. More if the people will come further from our place. Transport fare is expensive than Manila to Bulacan or Manila to Cavite. we are spending more for Laguindingan to CDO fare rate than the airfare fromManila toLaguindingan.Isn’t it absurd? Please consider this in your policy making and ordinances.
    Thank you.

  49. rudy mijares says:

    May I suggest some revisions to the header of CDODEV. There is a subheading: PROGRESS WATCH: CDO & MIS OR. to be changed to METRO CDO. This is a good site to promote Metro CDO. any development in any of Metro CDO affects CDO very much because the economy of these areas is intertwined with CDO. For example Dahilayan which is in Manolo Fortich is very much connected to CDO. Any development in Del Monte also affects CDO. For Baungon, where Bubunawan river is located affects CDO very much. In fact, Bubunawan Hydro of CEPALCO/Minergy is in Bubunawaw supplying energy to CDO. Another is Laguindingan where our Airport is located is connected to CDO. and many others.

  50. rudy mijares says:

    Further, the areas covered in Metro CDO will be placed in a menu drop. together with hotel guide, travel guide, eat guide, outdoor fun. Maybe a Metro CDO menu will be good. For each area the basic information about the place will be reflected like area, population, economy, etc.

  51. jade acenas says:

    Thank you for this website, even i am in overseas Im still up todate with the new malls and events in my hometown.. Godbless you more..keep it up

  52. dexter says:


    good evening maam/sir,isa po ako applicante ninyo i hope sana tanggapin niyo ako sa trabaho kc kailangan ko tlgang magtrabho para sa pangangailangan ng aming pamilya.

    ako po si dexter c.ranque,20 years of age residing at burgos makahambus st.cagayan de oro city..

    thank you and more power god bless.

  53. SealTeam says:

    Dbah ang mga goverment offices no noon break why ang Register of deeds Cagayan de oro told every body to come back around 1pm..12pm wlay nay tao..

  54. Mark says:

    Bon Chon Hiring in CDO : http://www.misorjobs.com/?p=15953

  55. zeny delfin says:

    How can i inquire about the trip you offer? You have contact numbers for me to know. Thank u.

  56. kagayha-an says:

    in construction what happend to JR BORJA st. BRIDGE wlwa nay dev. report

  57. niknik says:

    Hi , pwede ka ma-invite as a speaker on Photo blogging?

  58. kate says:

    ask lang kO nnyO taga cdO if open ba ang savemore agora karng april 2?

  59. Clint Paul Plantas says:

    To the admin of this blog, please contact me regarding your latest update on Cebu Landmaster. Salamat.

  60. Wildly V. says:

    I like reading your site. May I request that you make the screen expandable so it can be clear on android tones. It’s quite hard reading write ups when I can’t use my fingers to adjust the text size. Thanks. All the best.

  61. angelique says:

    Hi! I just wanted to know if you have articles or write ups, regarding the inventor of a motorcycle sensor for drunk drivers (something like the motorcycle won’t start if it sense that the driver is drunk), I don’t know if the story is real, but someone told us that the inventor is from cagayan de oro, high school students? Just trying to know if its true. Thank you. A big help if you answered my query. God bless.

  62. Deconex says:

    why you didn’t feature the deconex event? no news on deconex event held last week?

    picture of Kim Domingo, please post if you have

  63. Erwin Rommel Lingad says:

    I am the Nurse 3 of the Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Center of Cagayan de Oro City.. Kindly tell/inform that there is a fan page DRUG Free CDO for more details..

  64. Cdcl says:

    I would like to ask where can I submit my resume and application? For the new hospitals to be built in lumbia.

  65. JD says:


    click the link! I would just like to share this beautiful photo of Gaston Park. Courtesy of my brother, Jashen Travilla (Cinemagix) 😀

  66. Could someone please advise the cost of a return journey from Dipolog City to Labason using an air conditioned bus route. Please reply to acsadvice@yahoo.co.uk

  67. kagayha an says:

    just since it has ongoing like bridge in balulang to macasandig and other ongoing construction but when you check construction nothing what is ongoing means bidding?,planning?

  68. Alex Ku says:

    The new airport here in CDO is nice. However, in the course of waiting for our much delayed flight back to Manila, my family and I noticed the proliferation of tiny cockroaches in the benches. We thought of it as an isolated one but as we transferred from one seat to another, cockroaches came out of the crevices and joints of the benches.

    Kindly make the necessary cleaning and fumigation please to eradicate these pests. Hopefully, we don’t get to see rats running to and fro in the future.

    Thanks and cheers.

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