A recent Philippine Coleopterological Expedition conducted by the Daugavpils University Beetle Research Team and the University of Mindanao Coleoptera Research Center just discovered a new species of the endemic long-horn beetle of the genus Cylindrepomus in the mountains of Misamis Oriental. Cylindrepomus ansihagani sp nov has been added to the catalog of the genus Cylindrepomus.

The research team from the University of Mindanao’s Coleoptera Research Center included Dr. Analyn Cabras and Dr. Milton Norman Medina together with Melbert James Baul of the Department of Health Center for Health Development – Northern Mindanao.


Shown above is a male Cylindrepomus ansihagani sp. nov. Below is the same specimen showing its (from left): dorsal, ventral, frontal and lateral aspects.

from https://www.researchgate.net

Read the catalog HERE.

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