The Philippine Coast Guard Station Camiguin (CGS Camiguin) successfully rescued all 103 passengers of MV Super Shuttle Ferry 21, a RoRo vessel supposedly bound for Port of Balingoan in Misamis Oriental, which ran aground just a short distance away after departing from Benoni Port in Camiguin Sunday afternoon, October 9, 2022.

In a report from Coast Guard District Northern Mindanao, the said RoRo vessel departed from Benoni Port at around 2:20 in the afternoon carrying 103 passengers and 17 vehicles and was on its way to Port of Balingoan when it ran aground at around 2:28 pm while maneuvering.


Accordingly after receiving the distress call, personnel of CGS Camiguin were immediately dispatched and deployed a rubber boat to cautiously assist the passengers and crew members onboard the vessel at the shallow area.


At around 2:40 pm, CGS Camiguin was able to safely assist the onboard passengers back to nearby Benoni Port together with the assisting vessel named MV Super Shuttle Ferry 28. NO loss of life or injured person was reported. In addition, initial inspection was conducted on the hull and bilge spaces of the vessel for safety and NO sign of damage nor oil spill was seen or observed.

Watch this video below by Dr. Tristan Labitad via Bombo Radyo CDO.

Meanwhile, at around 8:36 in the evening, the aground vessel was successfully extracted and returned to Benoni Port safely. Furthermore, personnel of CGS Camiguin conducted Vessel Safety Enforcement Inspection (VSEI) to verify the condition of the vessel and will be coordinated with Marina-X.

info and photos by Guard District Northern Mindanao

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