The DPWH Region X has reported latest updates of two ongoing bridge projects in Cagayan de Oro City located in Barangay Cugman namely: (1) Construction of Cugman Parallel Bridge I which is now 82.83% completed as of September 2022; and (2) Widening of Bigaan Parallel Bridge II where construction work is currently suspended due to road-right-of-way (RROW) issues.

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1. Construction of Cugman Parallel Bridge I

The project has an accomplishment of 82.83% as of September 2022. Delays were encountered due to the presence of water pipelines along the station limits of the project. This problem was already resolved through the joint effort of CDO Water District, Equi-Parco Construction Company, and DPWH.

2. Widening of Bigaan Parallel Bridge II

The project has an accomplishment of 73.26% as of September 2022, however, it is currently under work suspension due to the ongoing settlement of the road-right-of-way (RROW) problem located at Zone 8, Barangay Cugman. Thus, construction works will resume once RROW issues have been settled.

With regards to the road traffic, DPWH CDO 2nd DEO has coordinated with the Local Government Unit (LGU) through the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) to address and implement a traffic scheme to reduce traffic congestion. As part of the remedial measures, the contractor has been instructed to move the construction covers so as to open the road for a wider space of carriageway and at the same time repair the potholes in the area.

Below are photos taken on September 28, 2022 showing the two-way clearance of both sides along Bigaan Bridge to and from Barangay Cugman.


photos by DPWH X

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