Cagayan de Oro Rep. Rufus Rodriguez and his wife Nenen recently visited the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) in Baguio City last September 21 to meet the thirty (30) Kagay-anon cadets from 1st year to 4th year and distributed a cash stipend of P10,000 to each of them to help them with their personal expenses while finishing the training.

The following military cadets are the recipients of the said stipend:

  1. 1CL Rylle L. Romerosa
  2. 1CL Miller John P. Cajeles
  3. 1CL Kent Adrian M. Lumactod
  4. 1CL Jason H. Sierra
  5. 1CL Cassay Marie C. Chua
  6. 1CL Raphael Andro C. Gentallan
  7. 1 CL Jeanny Oblianda
  8. 2CL Henry L. Dampal Jr.
  9. 2CL Jingle C. Zamora
  10. 2CL Esteban Miguel C. Baltazar
  11. 2CL Reggie Samuel B. Intal
  12. 2CL Jethro Vinz Noel C. Yanez
  13. 2CL Roel P. Hulagno
  14. 2CL Augustine Uriel P. Serrano
  15. 3CL Jehue M. Namocatcat
  16. 3CL Ebon John D. Kahal
  17. 3CL Pauline Jhun C. Amper
  18. 3CL Robert Janoa A. Dela Cruz
  19. 3CL Karl Demtri R. Omapasa
  20. 3CL Mel Evan Y. Caniedo
  21. 3CL John Robert B. Real
  22. 3CL Crish Jhon P. Ranan
  23. 3CL Brian Bernie A. Balderan
  24. 3CL Elaiza Jean G. Versoza
  25. 4CL Janine T. Abonitalla
  26. 4CL Lawrence E. Cabahit
  27. 4CL Elmer P. Cajeles
  28. 4CL Maroun Pete Goc-ong
  29. 4CL Claudine B. Olivia
  30. 4CL Kent Michael V. Yaba

Rodriguez pledged to continue helping all CdeO cadets who are under the training program of PMA. For the next recruitment, he will also assist the PMA in disseminating the information to all public high schools with regard to its applications for the entrance exams. “Entering PMA, graduating BS in National Security Administration, and becoming officers of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) will be a life-changing experience for the youth of Cagayan de Oro. I encourage the Kagay-anon youth to study in PMA and serve the country with honor and excellence,” he said.


all photos by Rufus Rodriguez

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