Here’s the updated alignment for the 68-kilometer NEW CENTRAL MINDANAO HIGHWAY (Cagayan de Oro – Malaybalay Section) development project based on the Final Report by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on the Masterplan on High Standard Highway Network Development (Phase 2). The project is being proposed as a short-term (2025) project in the implementation program.

The report states that the existing road in Cagayan de Oro section has many hair pin curves and steep slopes which create a bottleneck for driving and many road crashes. The existing observed daily traffic volume exceeded approximately 8,000 vehicles/day, and the share of trucks was high at 45% which requires expansion of the capacity at existing road.


The alignment is divided into 6 sections: Section 1 (12.0 kms), Section 2 (13.0 kms), Section 3 (8.0 kms), Section 4 (6.0 kms), Section 5 (16.0 kms), and Section 6 (12.6 kms). At the end of each section is an interchange.


Based on Table 15-6 of the said report, the project will include 5.52 kilometers of Steel Box Bridge, 6.37 kilometers oif Pre-Stressed Concrete Girder Bridge, 28 overpasses and 6 interchanges. The report also provides option for 2-lanes (non-Toll Road) and 4-lanes (Toll Road).


Below are the 3 alternative alignments for a portion of Section 1 which connects the proposed Central Mindanao Highway (CMH) at MORAZ in Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental. Notably Alternative 1 requires the construction of a LOOP BRIDGE.


You might wonder what is a loop bridge. Here’s the Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge in Japan.

photo by Paul Cole Travels

Based on the report, it was recommended for either Alternative 1 or 3. The decision comes after detailed engineering.

Long span bridges are also being planned for the two deep valley sections in the alignment as shown below. Based on the map, these are located at Mangima and Maluko areas.


Further, road alignment was designed to avoid the IPs land or ancestral domains.

The study concludes that the project is highly necessary as a transportation infrastructure to improve the traffic problems of the current road as well as to promote regional development in the central region of Mindanao as a transportation hub passing through the Mindanao Island.

Full details below.

Compare with the earlier alignment as indicated in the Project Description for Scoping by DPWH thru EMB. Read our post below.

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