Probably the first of its kind among all villages and subdivisions in Cagayan de Oro City, the Morning Mist Village Homeowners Association, Inc  (MMVHOAI) is currently developing a 1,440 sqm Dog Park and Pet Cemetery inside their subdivision. It’s FREE for MMV residents only.

This dog park will provide all MMV homeowners the opportunity to let their pets roam free under owner supervision, to ensure family pets get ample exercise and opportunities to enjoy a wider space for play and frolic. The pet cemetery will also provide a decent and safe resting place for family pets, where MMV fur-parents can honor loyal animal companions.


Pets are almost members of the family because they have spent most of their lives with us. Just like humans, pets deserve a proper burial.

Pets do not live forever. Unfortunately, when pets die, some end up in grabage bins, left on the side of the road, or dumped on vacant lots. Burying them properly is the sanitary and dignified thing to do.

source: atlas obscura

courtesy of Arthur Aranas

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