Have you got hold of the new P1,000 polymer bill yet? In a viral post, a netizen expressed dismay after a mall rejected his new P1,000-piso polymer bill he was about to pay because it was folded. In his Facebook post, Reylen Lopez said he was not informed that the new bill which was put in circulation early this year should not be folded.

courtesy of Reylen Lopez
courtesy of Reylen Lopez

When the new P1,000 polymer bill was put on circulation early this year, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas stated the following “DO’s” and “DONT’s” in using the bill:


  1. Keep them flat.
  2. Keep them clean.
  3. Use them as payment for goods and services.


  1. DO NOT deface, write on or put marks on the banknote.
  2. DO NOT excessively fold, crease or crumple the banknote.
  3. DO NOT tear, cut, put holes in the banknote.
  4. DO NOT staple or use rubber bands in keeping them together. Use paper bands instead.
  5. DO NOT damage the clear windows, metallic features or other of its security features.
  6. DO NOT expose the banknote to high temperatures or place it in an open flame.
  7. DO NOT iron them.
  8. DO NOT expose the banknote to strong or toxic chemicals like muriatic acid or bleach.

with images by Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

Many netizens then made memes out of the incident like having them laminated or framed like the one below.

photo by Jhon Henrics Milan

A BSP official was also quoted that a longer wallet be used for the new bill.

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