Photos show several boxes or crates of unsold and nearly overripe tomatoes are dumped in the field by a farmer in Lantapan, Bukidnon as the buying price of tomato reportedly went down to just Php100/box in Cagayan de Oro. According to Penong Sebuya Gonzales who took the photos, tomato buyers attribute the low buying price to oversupply. Gonzales said a tomato farmer needs to sell at least P500/box to cover costs for fertilizer, trucking and other expenses in order to earn. With the prevailing rising costs of basically all commodities nowadays, the farmer had no other option but to dispose them. Besides, the tomato processing plant in Bukidnon closed a long time ago.

The boxes were backloaded after they remained unsold.


The tomatoes are already ripe and a few more hours will make them overripe.


Tomatoes are being sold at P30/kilo in Cagayan de Oro (see below). A box of tomatoes usually weigh around 25 kilos so each box would cost around P750.


with photos by Penong Sebuya Gonzales

Meanwhile, read the statement from the Department of Agriculture Regional Field Office 10 below.


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