Cagayan de Oro Archbishop Jose A. Cabantan, DD has signed a memo dated June 22, 2022 regarding the status of Fr. Melvin Clapano who incurred a latae sententiae suspension for attempting to contract a civil marriage. Archbishop Cabantan is urging all parishioners to refrain from inviting him to celebrate mass in homes and office blessings within the Archdiocese because he is prohibited and impeded by law to exercise his priestly ministry due to his suspension which only the Vatican can lift.

The memo also stated that Fr. Clapano recently joined the North American Old Catholic Church in California, USA whose members are not in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church because they do not have the same faith, sacraments and ecclesiastical governance. Thus, it is a schismatic group.

Archbishop Cabantan is informing Catholics to not knowingly join masses officiated by Fr. Clapano or receive sacraments from him or invite him to official blessings.

Read full text of memo below.


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