If you’re a Kagay-anon, you should at least once in your lifetime visit MACAHAMBUS CAVE, a historical site and considered the most popular and most frequently visited tourist attraction in Cagayan de Oro. Located in Barangay Bayanga, the cave is about 9 kilometers from SM City Uptown and its entrance is just along the National Highway making it very accessible to all. And by the way, entrance is FREE.

The site is where the Battle of Makahambus Hill took place on June 4, 1900 that saw a rare Filipino victory against the Americans during the Filipino-American War. Led by Colonel Apolinar Velez and Lieutenant Cruz Taal, the Kagayanon Revolutionaries repulsed the advancing Americans who suffered 20 casualties. It is the only known major victory by Filipinos over the Americans in Mindanao during the Philippine-American War. Read our old post below.

A historical marker can be seen on the right side of the cave entrance.


Here’s the full text of the marker.


Meanwhile, on the left side of the entrance is another marker put up by then City Mayor Vicente Emano when the cave was finally opened for tourism in 2004.


Here’s the full text.


This is the cave entrance.


Years before, there were local guides with a souvenir stall right across the cave where you can rent head lamps for a small fee.


But with the advent of cellphones with cameras and flashlights, the stall where you can rent head lamps slowly disappeared.


From the highway, you’ll have to descend just a little bit. There are no lights inside so you’ll have to use flashlights or cellphone lights to see the inside.


The first chamber can still be illuminated by natural lighting coming from the highway.


Darkness starts to dominate as the cave tunnel slightly turns to the left.


The cave slight descends further where two more chambers are located. Just be careful as there some slippery portions on the cave floor.


You’ll need more flashlights as it gets even darker inside.


In going to the exit, you’ll have to crouch a bit to pass through the small tunnel opening.


This is the cave exit towards the viewing platform.


This is the viewing platform overlooking Cagayan de Oro River.


Some visitors head back into the cave from the viewing platform.


From the viewing platform, a steel walkway leads back to the highway.


Do include this in your itinerary if you’re heading south and learn some history.

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