A town in Lanao del Norte went trending yesterday after election results showed VP Leni Robredo getting all 9,842 votes for the presidency while all other candidates got zero votes. Pantao Ragat, a land-locked municipality located 35 kilometers southwest of Iligan City showed unique voter preferences in the local elections as well.

Shown below is a screenshot of the results for president and vice president. Voting preference for vice president however is divided between Sara Duterte and Kiko Pangilinan.


The town’s mayor and vice mayor ran unopposed.


For congressman, Jose Patalinghug Jr got all the votes while eventual winner Aminah Dimaporo got zero.


In the gubernatorial race, re-elected governor Angginng Dimaporo got zero while Amer Nacamura Moner Sr got all the votes. The same goes for the vice governor.


This is the best example of “sweep”.

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