A spa employee had to thank two honest individuals – a passenger and a motorela driver for recovering his Php5,200 cash he left inside a motorela last Friday, May 6, 2022. The passenger, MJ Sayson, first found the bundled cash, gave his number to the motorela driver and turned the cash over to police. Meanwhile, the driver traced back his route hoping to find his previous passenger and luckily found the real owner.

In a report from Bombo Radyo CDO, a certain MJ Sayson turned over to Cogon Police Station a bundled cash amounting to P5,200.00 which he found inside a motorela he rode. He told the motorela driver of his discovery and gave him his cellphone number just in case the driver finds the owner of the money.


On the other hand, while Sayson reported to police, the motorela driver traced back his route hoping to find his last passenger before Sayson and luckily, he found a person who looked like his last passenger. He approached the person and it was confirmed that the bundled cash belonged to the person. Accordingly, the cash was a day’s earnings of a spa in the city. The recovered cash has since been returned to the owner by police.


photos by Bombo Radyo CDO

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