A couple in Bukidnon who are about to get married landed at a hospital in Malaybalay City after drinking what seemed to be contaminated soft drink while having lunch at a local eatery.

In his trending Facebook post, JaphetJay Calayca Lowmehigh said they had just arrived in Malaybalay City from Cabanglasan town at around noon last March 3, 2022 to process some papers for their upcoming wedding and decided to have lunch at an eatery near the public market.

Aftering ordering food, they ordered a 12 oz. 7-Up soft drink but the store owner suggested to have the larger family size bottle instead with the same price so they obliged with the suggestion.

When JaphetJay’s partner drank a glass of the softdrink, she suddenly shouted “”ANG PAIT! ANG INIT!” (trans. So bitter! So hot!). He was alarmed and tried to sample a sip of the glass thinking it could be the drinking glass. His partner was getting nauseated and about to vomit so he tried the glass of softdrink and confirmed that it was indeed very bitter and hot that his tongue felt like it was burned. He also felt like vomitting but his partner was worse now spitting blood and was already not feeling well. The store owner also tried to taste the soft drink and confirmed the bad taste.

The two hurried to the nearest hospital which was just a walking distance bringing with them the 7-Up bottle with what’s left of the soft drink. There they received immediate medical attention and were under observation.


The hospital had no chemist so they contacted the Provincial Health Office which took the bottle and send it to DOH and BFAD.


According to JaphetJay, we should always be aware of what we drink. He stated that when the bottle was opened, there was no hissing sound and when it was poured into the glass, there were no usual bubbles produced.

The couple are now scheduled to be discharged today. Still, there are still no findings as to the content of the soft drink.


They’re now contemplating whether to file a complaint or not.

all photos courtesy of JaphetJay Calayca Lowmehigh

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