Portion of the Upper Carmen-Patag-Kauswagan Diversion Road beside the Cagayan de Oro Eco Park is now being used by some motorists travelling between Carmen and Uptown Cagayan de Oro.

When a traffic re-routing scheme was implemented with the Kagay-an Bridge Improvement Project, uptown-bound motorists who usually take Villarin Street in Carmen had to look for an alternate route when the section of Villarin Street connecting to Zayas Road was turned into a one-way street northbound. The logical alternate route is from Villarin, turn left towards Serina Street then Vamenta Boulevard towards Masterson. But then again, motorists will get stuck at traffc at the Vamenta-Serina intersection.

However, one alternate route was opened (although not officially) by local residents who reside at Coop Village where its main road provides access to the completed portion of the Upper Carmen-Patag-Kauswagan Diversion Road. This new route has slowly spread among motorists. From Villarin, turn right at Alco Homes just before the road starts to ascend. Just follow this road and turn right at the first junction then turn left towards Coop Village passing the large Covered Court. See map below.


This completed section of the new diversion road has been used by joggers and cyclists and to some residents in the area.


The new route covers this road section which connects to the SM Bypass Road.


Just ahead of the completed section is the access road (alternate route).


The landmark is a large water tank at the corner.


This section of the route is somewhat steep, unpaved but compacted all-weather road. Slow down when negotiating this road.


The unpaved section is just about 120 meters, the rest is concrete.


Check it out.

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