A netizen’s post about a father helping his son finish a math assignment at a burger stand in Cogon, Cagayan de Oro City has gone viral in Facebook. Netizen John Casiño chanced upon the two trying to figure out the math problem. To make the story short, John helped solve the problem but the father’s love – the determination to help his son despite his shortcomings was the real story.

Read full text of John’s post below.

LOOK, as a father attempts to help his son finish his long Math assignment before they go home.

Feb. 27, 2022 at around 8:00PM, a father attempts to help his son finish his Maths assignment at a famous local burger stand along Cogon Market, Cagayan de Oro City safe from the then occuring rain.

I was listening to their conversation while waiting for my order, I’m not sure they even ordered anything at all; I thought maybe they were only there for the light the place offered.

Initially when I arrived, there were three of them; the other one was eating all the while trying to coach and explain the Maths problem to the father and son duo. I realized he was only a local customer who lent his help when he hurriedly walked away as rain started to pour.

Left by the other person, “Nah, di naman ko kabalo ani nak. Di ko kasabot. / Hala, hindi ko ana alam paano ito, anak. Wala akong maintindihan.” I overheard the father shamelessly admitting to the crowd around them. While (I) gazing upon them the father looked my way and said, “brad, basin kabalo ka ani. / Pare, baka naman alam mo kung paano ito?” Without second thoughts I immediately offered my help and tried explaining the problem, discounting the fact that it was closing time and I had to be home.

Indeed, it was a Maths assignment and the problem we were currently in was “Greater than; less than” in fractions. I carefully explained how things work but then I realized it was a long shot when the father said, “kaning ‘O’ bai aha mani ibutang” / “itong ‘O’ saan ito ilalagay?”, when in fact it was the OR in tagalog (greater than, less than “o”, equal to) [< > o =], he thought there were four symbols. He then said to me, “Grade 3 raman gud ko taman, so mahulog nga classmate mi sa akong anak” / “Hanggang grade 3 lang kasi ang natapos ko, kaya kung tutuusin, magkaklase kami ng anak ko”, I jokingly replied to him “hapit naka ma apsan boss” / “malapit ka nang malamangan boss”, he laughed thereafter.

I told them that if they didn’t mind I would instead finish the problem so they would be done quicker, the father agreed and so I did answered the questions using the unsharpened pencil they had. He said his thanks and I told him it wasn’t a problem.

Before I went home, despite the assignment completed; they stayed. I assume the father was still going to have the answers reviewed. I took a photo before I left, because then I realized that not everyone’s got the same privilege that some of us do. But despite some shortcomings, a father’s love will never fail you.

photo by John Casiño
photo by John Casiño

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