Are there already car key jammers in Divisoria? A physician posted in Facebook his experience while parking in Cagayan de Oro’s Divisoria area last February 13 where he couldn’t remotely lock his car but ultimately remotely locked it without difficulty when he drove a few meters away.

In his Facebook post, Paul Budiongan stated that he parked his car around Divisoria early evening to buy some medicines. He locked his car remotely and started walking towards Mercury Drug but had to stop after he noticed his signal lights did not blink as supposed to when remotely locked. He went back and checked his car and found out it was indeed still unlocked. He continuously pressed the lock and unlock button to no avail. He even turned on and off the engine and his remote car key is still not responding. According to him, it was his first time to experience such thing with his car and his car keys had no signs of low battery for the past few days.


This is when he remembered an incident which he read in the news before about remote car key jammers. So Paul tested his theory, drove a few meters away towards near Kathyrn’s Bakeshop, parked his car, and tried to lock it remotely. Alas, it locked with no difficulty at all.


He doesn’t know of indeed such car key jammers caused his car key to malfunction but his word of advice is that when parking in Divisoria, always manually check your car if it was really locked before leaving and avoid your valuable things inside from getting stolen.

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Read his post below.

Here’s the link to the news about car key jammers.

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