A police officer remained composed under pressure and showed maximum tolerance after being slapped hard in the face and kicked by a woman who created a commotion at a mall in Santiago City, Isabela. Patrolman John Paul Sudario of the Traffic Enforcement Unit of Santiago City Police Office was seen in the viral video being assualted by the irate lady customer but showed patience and tolerance. Watch below.

According to reports, the said woman earlier allegedly acted rudely at a cellphone store inside the mall demanding a cellphone while not bringing any money prompting sales lady to call security guards who escorted her out of the mall. She then began to act differently and created another commotion when guards prevented her from going back inside the store prompting them to call police assistance. Thus, the viral video.

Pat. Sudario did not file charges against the woman after her sister apologized and revealed she is having mental issues due to depression.

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