In case you still don’t know it yet, the 3-level parking area of Limketkai Module-2 BPO & Cyberpark Building is now open. As per design, its 3-level parking can accommodate 334 cars and 206 motorcycles. It’s also the first 2-level basement parking in Cagayan de Oro as most basement parking areas in the city only have one level.

The 1st parking level is right at the back of Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Office. This parking level is elevated from road level and has a direct access to the mall. Entrance is shown below.


Meanwhile, this is the entrance to Basement-1 Parking.


There is still so much parking space available at Basement-1. Though, there are still minor works observed along the periphery but parking is already allowed.


Only a few cars have so far used Basement-1.


This is the ramp to Basement-2.


Obviously, we believe no car has so far parked at Basement-2.


If it’s your first time to park at the basement, be advised that at the moment, you will still have to use the entrance parking ramp to get back to the upper level at PSA and mall as the service elevators are still not operational.


As per design, the building features 3 lift nodes, 4 elevators up to 4th floor from basement-2, 1 service elevator from ground to 2nd floor, 2 elevators from basement-2 to the 2nd floor.


So next time if you’re looking for parking space at Limketkai Center, you might want to park here.

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