PURPLE YAM, the homegrown cakes and pastries shop, is now fully booked and has stopped accepting orders for New Year’s Eve. In fact, it stopped accepting orders before Christmas Eve last week as its main shop along Tomas Saco Street in Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro got overwhelmed by the shear amount of orders for its famed Ube Cake which many partrons considered as the creamiest and milkiest ube cake in the city.

Accordingly, many of the reservations were made in November.


Purple Yam later issued an apology (posted in its Facebook page) to its customers regarding the inconvenience wherein police had to intervene and close their shop after health protocols were already being ignored. Read below.

Actually, Purple Yam expected only a moderate increase in demand during the holidays that it decided to have additional manpower to increase its output. But the volume of orders was unprecedented.


Purple Yam offered free Ube Cake Tub for those who reserved for Christmas Eve but did not get any.

photo by Purple Yam

On New Year’s Eve, it will cater to walk-ins (first come, first served basis) starting in the afternoon of December 31. By the way, unclaimed cakes by noon of December 31 will be given to walk-in customers.


Purple Yam also has another branch in Iponan which they opened just a few weeks ago this December. It too has stopped accepting orders or reservations.


We actually tried their Ube Cake way back in September and we can attest its “creamy and milky goodness”… it’s sweetness is just right and more of the natural ube flavor.

photo by Purple Yam
photo by Purple Yam

Purple Yam actually has two main products – Ube Cake and Chocolate Moist Cake.


So next time if you want Ube Cake particularly during the holidays, order ahead.

with photos by Dexa Meg Garcia

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