The House of Representatives has approved on 3rd and final reading House Bill No. 5793 or the “SIM Card Registration Act”, which aims to help law enforcement agencies in tracking down lawless criminals who use mobile phones with postpaid and prepaid SIM cards to pursue nefarious activities, such as kidnapping for ransom and petty crimes like theft.


The measure got 181 affirmative votes, six negative votes, and no abstention.

Under HB 5793, “every Public Telecommunications Entity (PTE) or direct seller shall require the end user of a SIM card to present a valid identification document with photo to ascertain the latter’s identity. The PTE or direct seller shall further require the end user to accomplish and sign a control-numbered registration form issued by the respective PTE of the SIM card purchased. The registration form shall include an attestation by the end user that the person appearing before the direct seller is the same person who accomplished and signed the registration form and that the identification documents presented are valid and correct.

Failure of an end user to comply with the requirements shall be a ground for the PTE or direct seller to refuse the sale and issuance of a SIM card.

All direct sellers are also mandated to register the following information in the SIM card registration form:

  1. Full name, date of birth, gender, and address of the end user appearing in a valid government-issued identification document with photo. SIM card end users shall be required to present the original copy of any valid government identification document (ID) with photo.
  2. Assigned cell phone number of SIM card and its serial number.

Read full commitee report and copy of HB 5793 in the link below.

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