Do you have one of these so-called “Predator” helmets worn by riders? Well, according to the InterAgency Council for Traffic (IACT), helmet modifications like the predator style helmet that include drilling and compromising its original structure are considered violation to existing traffic safety laws.

IACT recently posted in its official Facebook page photos of their Special Operations Unit (SOU) apprehending a rider wearing a heavily modified helmet.

from I-ACT

Accordingly, standard helmets as prescribed by R.A. 10054 also known as the Motorcycle Helmet Act of 2009 are meticulously inspected and approved by DTI through its specification guidelines to ensure that the helmet’s shell can withstand extreme force and pressure especially during accidents. However, heavy modifications which include drilling and poking holes may compromise and even damage the overall integrity and durability of the helmet technically making it unsafe for riders in case of accidents.

IACT further stated that while heavy modding is discouraged, it can still be used for special activities which DOES NOT INCLUDE driving to public roads and highways.

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The Predator style helmets are patterned after the popular Predator film series.

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