If you pass by Kagay-an Bridge, you will notice this large earthworks parallel to the bridge that resembles the river boulevard project along Burgos Street.

As shown below, the earthfill is now almost at bridge level. A similar development is also ongoing beside Ysalina Bridge at COA Compound.

photo by TRip ni Tonio

It can be recalled that this area was submerged during TS Sendong.

photo by TRip ni Tonio

The area can be accessed via Acacia Street.

photo by TRip ni Tonio
photo by TRip ni Tonio

Here’s a map of the ongoing works.


Looking back at the JICA Report, part of its proposal was the “Improvement of the Kagay-an Bridge and Raising Approach” as shown below. We still don’t know if the ongoing development is related to this.


The proposal is to raise the bridge approach at the Carmen side by constructing new bridge piers and demolishing the existing abutment.


Here’s a rendering of the proposal wherein the bridge approach (Carmen side) will be raised to give way to the earth dike (see below).


See more layouts below.


Perhaps in the coming weeks or months, we might gather more details. Keep posted.

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