ZEKKO TART, the yummy Japanese pastry has reopened its stall at the Uptown Strip at Pueblo de Oro Business Park in Uptown Cagayan de Oro with two more equally tasty varieties – Berryamazing Tart and Everlong Tart, a combination of its original cheese tart and blended with raspberry jam and blueberry jam, respectively. Drop by their stall or you may order through 0927-570-8870 or 0927-286-9611 or message them in Facebook. They also deliver via Maxim.


It still offers three other yummy treats – the Original Cheese Tart, Charlie Brown Cheese Tart and HysteREO Cheese Tart.


Each box containing 6 piecces of the yummy treats is a perfect gift for the coming Christmas holidays.


Below are Zekko Tart’s varieties.

  • Berryamazing Tart (Original cheese tart blended with raspberry jam)
  • Everlong Tart (Our original cheese tart blended with blueberry jam)
  • Original Cheese Tart
  • Charlie Brown Cheese Tart (Original cheese tart blended with grahams and cream)
  • HysteREO Cheese Tart (Original cheese tart blended with oreos and cream)

Order now. You can also message them in Facebook.

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