As if crossing the 165-meter long, 150-foot high SKYE WALK HANGING BRIDGE isn’t scary enough, Amaya View, Cagayan de Oro’s hilltop destination located in Barangay Indahag has replaced a portion of its hanging bridge with GLASS. Can you conquer your fear crossing the transparent floor? But wait….would you dare crossing the bridge if the whole span would be glass?

Well, as they say, DON’T LOOK DOWN!

photo by Project LUPAD
photo by Project LUPAD

As you can see, the glass flooring is just a portion of the hanging bridge.

photo by Project LUPAD

Wait till the whole span becomes a glass bridge!!! Would you dare cross the bridge?

photo by Project LUPAD

Here’s a sample video of people crossing a glass bridge in China.

photos by Project LUPAD

The Skye Hanging Bridge was opened just last April 2021.

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