In line with its continuous commitment to improve the water supply system and better serve its homeowners and locators, Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation (PDO) is drilling two additional production wells within the Pueblo de Oro Township.

The N6 well is located along San Agustin Avenue near the corner of P.N. Roa Sr. Avenue, while the N7 well is located at the Pueblo Business Park. Both wells are currently under construction and are targeted to go online within the year.


Once completed and integrated into the existing water system, the new wells will benefit the whole of the Pueblo de Oro Township due to the interconnectivity of the Township’s water distribution lines. The wells will not only augment the Township’s water supply but will also allow for greater redundancy in the event one well is offline for repairs or maintenance.

PDO is the authorized water services provider of the Pueblo de Oro Township, a 400-hectare mixed-use development in Cagayan de Oro City. The company has been granted a Certificate of Public Convenience by the National Water Resources Board for the purpose. Through a third-party DOH-accredited laboratory, PDO has also been conducting monthly water analysis at various sampling points within the Township to monitor the water supply’s potability.

The company had previously announced the investment of P30 million pesos to improve the water system within the Pueblo de Oro Township. This is the approved capital expenditures budget for 2020 and 2021, and part of the total projected investment of P176 million. Apart from the two additional wells, PDO will be acquiring two generator sets for the new wells, construct a water reservoir, booster pump station with generator, and additional water mains. Further, sand filters were also installed to address foreign particles on existing wells. The investment is intended to upgrade the water quality and services within the Township, which is a rapidly growing center of development in uptown Cagayan de Oro City.

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