A netizen avoided becoming a victim of what seemed to be another incident of online scam when she decided not to pay a parcel delivery from Shopee of an order she didn’t make.

In her Facebook post, Shaina Cemacio said she received a text message from a Shopee informing her that a Shopee Xpress will be delivering her parcel today and be ready for the cash-on-delivery (COD) amount of P1,446. She was shocked with the large amount.


Later on, the delivery rider called her informing her that he’s already near her address. Shaina requested the rider to have it delivered around noon instead because she’s not yet at home. She then browsed over her Shopee account and confirmed she did not place any order. The rider proceeded to her address and met her mother who then called her about the delivery. She advised her mother not to receive the parcel because she already checked her Shopee account and found out she did not have any order “TO RECEIVE”.


Fortunately, the rider advised her that if she really didn’t place the order, she can cancel it by replying to his text.


If you didn’t place an order, don’t pay. Be alert!

images by Keith Cemacio

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