Guess what….H PROPER COFFEE ROASTERS, Cagayan de Oro’s homegrown classy coffeeshop located at Pueblo de Oro is now shipping worldwide! During the pre-pandemic time, the coffeeshop has been drawing coffee lovers and even some well-to-do coffee fanatics from Manila who would just fly to the city to try their specialty coffee and then fly back after.

Get to try and taste its different types of specialty coffee in small packages of 50 grams each!

  • Ethiopia Sidamo
  • Ethiopia Haru Suke
  • Ethiopia Rose Honey
  • Ethiopia Masina
  • Ethiopia Hambela
  • Ethiopia Shakisso
  • Ethiopia Nansebo
  • Ethiopia Guji Goldcrest
  • Indonesia Flores
  • Kenya Nyeri Gatugi Peaberry

If you need to order, just message them in Facebook or click HERE.


Opened in July 2019, H Proper Coffee Roasters have since drawn coffee lovers not just in the city but from other areas nationwide. There are some of those affluent coffee fanatics from Manila who would just fly to Cagayan de Oro to try their coffee. Visit the link below.

Check out our first post during its opening below.

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