The Cagayan de Oro City Council has just passed an ordinance establishing and designating motorcycle lanes in selected major thoroughfares in the city.

Authored by Councilor Lordan G. Suan and co-authored by Councilors Zaldy O. Ocon, Teodulfo E. Lao, Jr., Councilor Romeo V. Calizo. and Councilor Roger G. Abaday, the ordinance seeks to ensure the safety of motorists who prefer motorcycles as their mode of transportation due to its affordability and easy maintenance compared to a four-wheeled vehicle.

As stipulated in the ordinance, the separation of motorcycles from other types of vehicles will lessen their exposure to those other types of vehicles, thereby reducing the risk of accidents occurring between these different types of vehicles.


The designated and established motorcycle lanes are as follows:

  • National Highway from Kinasanghan, Barangay Iponan to Barangay Bugo (boundary of Cagayan de Oro City with the Municipality of Tagoloan)
  • National Highway from crossing Puerto Flyover to Upper Puerto
  • Don Apolinar Velez Street from Rodelsa Circle up to Parola, Macabalan area
  • Entire stretch of JR Borja Extension
  • Entire stretch of Masterson Avenue
  • Entire stretch of PN Roa Avenue (Patag Road)

The said ordinance further provides that the outer lanes parallel and adjacent to the sidewalks/road shoulders on both sides in major thoroughfares in the city shall have a minimum width of 2.5 meters.


The motorcycle lanes shall be demarcated with blue paints subject to compliance with the international standards on road markings.

photo by JSPalarca Photography

Administrative fines amounting to P500, P1000 and P3000 for first, second and third and subsequent offenses, respectively, shall be imposed on motorcycles found outside the designated lane.

Further, a penalty of P1500, P3000, and P5000 for first, second and third and subsequent offenses, respectively, shall also be imposed for lane splitting/filtering.

with info and text from CdeO City Council

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