Get GELIFIED with the different GELICIOUS flavored yogurt of GELI FOODS. Cagayan de Oro’s well-loved yogurt is a home-based milk processing operation which was started in August 8, 2012 by Mr. Erwin Geli, a veteran food technologist specializing in dairy products who decided to venture on his own business after more than 10 years of working in dairy development program of the government and private sector as project development officer and processing specialist.

The processing focuses on fermented milk products and cheese utilizing latest knowledge in processing techniques combined with artisan skills.


GELI Foods can process up to 200 liters per day of plain (unflavored) and fruit-flavored yogurt using a bain-marie method and follows a standard incubation time to achieve the right acidity and consistency all the time.
Its cheeses are made using traditional techniques of an artisan cheese maker. From the ways of how cottage cheese is made in Laguna to European feta, it is carefully followed and improved to suit the local taste.
The source of milk is from the highlands of Maramag, Bukidnon where cows are fed with fresh grasses and plenty of water. The cows are holstein-sahiwal crosses and are grazed freely in assigned paddocks planted with improved grasses and legumes. Milk is harvested using herringbone milking machines and stored in milk cooling tanks before delivery to GELI Foods.


The Geli Yogurt is a stirred yogurt made from real fresh milk from a dairy farm in Bukidnon, fermented perfectly using selected bacterial cultures and added with mature and sun-ripe mangoes and imported blueberry and strawberry preserves to achieve the right blend of creamy, fruity and tartish taste just right for Filipino palates. Since their humble beginnings in 2012, aside from yogurt, new products have been added: frozen yogurt, butter, calamansi concentrate and more.


Geli’s yogurts can be found in several stores in Visayas and Mindanao including Landers in Cebu City.


For more details, check out their official Facebook page (Geli Foods) and an ongoing Fiesta Sale for their 1L Calamansi Concentrate until September 1.

For orders and inquiries, just visit their Facebook page at or contact 0953 384 5111.

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