With the approved development of Masterson Campus which will start next year (2022), a lot of questions remain with that of Xavier University’s existing main campus in Cagayan de Oro’s downtown area.

During a presentation in late 2019, around 3.9 hectares of the Corrales campus is being planned to be sold to Cebu Landmasters Inc. (CLI) on the 5th year or when Phase 1 of the Masterson Campus would have been completed. CLI is proposing for a mixed-use development called “Xavier City.” Accordingly, the Immaculate Conception Chapel will be retained and the immediate vicinity will be converted into a park.


However, some alumni are opposing such proposal owing to its historical and heritage value. Aside from the Immaculate Conception Chapel, other historical buildings inside the campus include the Administration Building and Lucal Hall which survived World War II but with damages.

This is Ateneo de Cagayan prior to the war.

image from Kagayan Kaniadto

This is the Administration Building and Lucal Hall after shelling during the war.

photo from Museo de Oro via Metrocdo.com

Lucas Hall during the war.

image from Kagayan Kaniadto
image shared by Ermin Pimentel from Kagayan Kaniadto

Lucas Hall in 1946.

image from Kagayan Kaniadto

The Loyola House in 1946.

image from Kagayan Kaniadto

This is the same building sometime in the 1950s after restoration.

image from Kagayan Kaniadto

Aerial shot of the university campus taken in 1959.

image from Kagayan Kaniadto

This is the Immaculate Conception Chapel sometime in the 50s-60s.

image from Kagayan Kaniadto

This is the old Administration Building from way back which basically remains the same up to this day.

image from Kagayan Kaniadto

XU Science Center during the 1950s.


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