It was more like “check attendance” rather than a graduation as many graduates of the University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines (USTP) Cagayan de Oro Campus felt disappointed with this year’s virtual graduation which experienced technical difficulties, dragged on for several hours and worse, it only read their names and did not show their graduation photos which every parent and graduate have been eagerly awaiting.

USTP had to issue several advisories.


Even USTP Chancellor Dionel Albina couldn’t hide his disappoinment and stated that apologies from the organizers would not be enough to provide relief and solace. He instead offered a poem as a certain degree of comfort for the graduates in the coming days…read below.

by: Atty Albina (Chancellor-CDO Campus)

As the hours of the night had shadowed me
Disappointed as a thorn from foot to the head
I still thank the Lord
For whatever blessings it has been.

In my years of tears and sacrifices
To the grappling tightness of my Alma Matter
I never yield nor winced
For victory is mine and my graduation in the end.

But when the circumstance intervened
The recognition I deserve never came to be
Hope the pain shall not linger for a night
Tomorrow breathe high and loud, there’s a reason to celebrate.

Sometimes life provides beyond our control
Lay blame to everyone enhances rage
But there is a reason to celebrate
A degree I got, a lifelong blessing where everyone is proud.

Patience bestowed upon me Lord
The recognition I deserved shall be restored
Let my Alma Matter figure it out
From a grappling tightness to warming embrace.

A reason to celebrate

Some graduates just posted their own graduation photos in their own social media accounts.

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