Construction of the Cagayan de Oro Flood Risk Management Project or Mega Dike Project is now progressing in the Kauswagan-Bonbon area specifically along the identified natural retarding basin covering more or less 97 hectares.

The natural retarding basin is located along the left bank in the downstream stretch near the river mouth covering around 97 hectares and is used for mitigation of flood peak water level in surrounding area during flood as well as preservation of habitant area of mangrove which being utilized for livelihoods for the local residents.

image by JICA

The JICA study recommended for the preservation of the natural retarding basin.

image by JICA

Here are latest aerial photos of the project site courtesy of TRip ni Tonio. You can already see the layout of the mega dike in the area.


You can see a residential community in the vicinity. Perhaps local officials may know what will happen to this community.


This riverside property as recommended by JICA will be retained as natural retarding basin.


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