Are you ready for East Uptown CDO? Property developer SM Development Corporation (SMDC) is planning to develop a 75-hectare property in Upper Puerto into a mixed use residential-commercial complex. This was disclosed by Cagayan de Oro City Councilor Edgar Cabanas after his Committee on Landed Estate and Subdivision discussed SMDC’s application to reclassification of said property from Agro-Industrial to Residential-Commercial. This huge investment is said to give rise to a new growth area in the city.


As shown in this development plan, the property is close to the canyon and within the boundary of the Municipality of Manolo Fortich and Cagayan de Oro.


The committee meeting was done virtually.


SMDC is initially developing a 5-hectare residential condominium complex in Uptown CDO.

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photos by City Councilor Edgar Cabanlas

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