COUPLE GOALS! Twenty-eight year old Sincer Mae Balili knew her partner Edilberto “Bert” Andil couldn’t attend her graduation because of his work as a bus conductor. But she knew Bert’s bus will be passing Maramag, Bukidnon and she had to thank him personally for supporting her college education.

So last August 5, she went to the bus stop in time for Bert’s bus to arrive still wearing her graduation dress. And she also thanked the bus driver and the passengers for allowing their “personal time” for such special occasion.


Sincer had to place her graduation cap on Bert and have their photos taken as a special memory on her graduation.


Sincer had to stop schooling in 2013 after she became a single mother. She had to make amends being a househelp to support both her child and her studies. She came to a point that she was losing hope and was deciding to quit school … until she met Bert who prodded her to finish her studies and that he will support her and her child. Bert stood as stepfather to her child.


Sincer graduated at Philippine Countryville College with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management.


Congratulations! Watch her videos below.

photos by Sincer Mae Balili

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