The famed Mangima Road which is the winding section of Sayre Highway across the Mangima Canyon in Manolo Fortich town is also known as the Kennon Road of Bukidnon with due reference to the zigzag road going to Baguio City. Sooner, motorists who want to avoid this winding road will have the new Bypass Road to take.

Some netizens have been asking why some roads are constructed in a zigzag way. Below are some of the reasons.

  1. Heavy vehicles find it difficult when moving on a steep hill.
  2. Easier for vehicles to move up or down on a flatter road even if it’s longer.
  3. To reduce the speed of vehicles on a steep hill.
  4. Natural disasters such as landslides can be prevented by building a curved road.
  5. It is easier to control a vehicle on a curved road than a steep trail.
  6. Vehicles will easily slide down and face serious accidents if the roads remain straight.
  7. During rain, the roads can get slippery, and would be tough for vehicles to move in a slick way.

So now you know…browse some aerial photos below courtesy of Project LUPAD.


Meanwhile, you can see the ongoing construction of the Mangima Bypass Road which starts from San Miguel – Del Monte Airport Road to Sayre Highway across the pineapple fields. The bridge construction over Mangima River is the critical point of the new route.


Here’s the route map.


More photos in the link below.

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