Aside from subdivisions in Palalan, Lumbia, residents of Montierra Subdivision located in Upper Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City are also experiencing water supply problems in the past two years which became worse in December 2020 when they had no water for several days. Water supply woes continue up to this day.

A resident said water usually flows early in the morning and for no apparent reason, suddenly stops. Due to little pressure, water does not go up the 2nd floor of the townhouse units. Water supply also suddenly stops at night. On weekends when you schedule your laundry, there is no water. With the ongoing pandemic and the extreme air temperature, water is a vital necessity for the said homeowners.


Despite the water interruptions, they only received one advisory last February. Worse, they’re paying monthly water dues to the developer with or without water. Further, the subdivision’s water tank couldn’t seem to supply the water requirements of the more than 500 homeowners.

Accordingly, the homeowners association have already sent a letter to the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board (HLURB) regarding the developer which seemed to be incapable of solving the water problem. Read more details water problem in the link below courtesy of Mindanao Daily News.

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