Getting sick on your birthday, spending in isolation, alone and away from your loved ones is just disappointing yet unforgettable. This is what Stephanie Dawn Abejo experienced after testing positive of Covid-19 right on her birthday, was symptomatic, brought to an isolation facility, survived three weeks of isolation, and now discharged for home quarantine on the road to recovery. Here’s her Covid story.

Last June 30, just days before her 27th birthday, Stephanie Dawn was not feeling well. She was feeling fatigued, had cough, headache, chills, fever, had lost her sense of smell and taste and was losing appetite. After days of self isolation, she finally reported and surrendered to barangay authorities on July 5. She didn’t know how she got the virus.

She was brought to Demiren Hotel, one of Cagayan de Oro’s several city isolation units (CIU). She was swabbed on July 6 and the result came out she was Covid-19 POSITIVE on July 7, coincidentally her birthday. She had a birthday cake and flowers all by herself.


She continued to show more symptoms now with chest pain, nausea/vomiting, stomach ache, and headache. Lab tests also showed she had low blood pressure, low sodium chloride and is experiencing dehydration and post nasal drip. With all of these indications, she was already going into depression…and insomnia. She cried several times while at the CIU.


She already thought she was going to be confined and admitted at a hospital and afraid that things might get worse. But on the night of her birthday, she miraculously felt fine and regained her strength. She thought it was heaven sent.

On July 8, she was transferred to Manresa in Upper Carmen, a temporary treatment and monitoring facility (TTMF) for mild cases. On July 9, the Lab Results from JR Borja City Hospital miraculously showed that her vital signs were responding and getting better.


Being isolated never felt lonely as she thought it would. She found new friends and even found a relative at the TTMF. Long video calls and texts of encouragement also kept her from being depressed and it helped her survive aside from the medication and daily vitamins to boost her immune system.


She is overwhelmed with gratitude and her heart is full especially to the men and women who took care of her during her stay.


At 5:00AM, July 21, she finally received her Certificate of Non-Contagious from the TTMF and finally graduated from three weeks of isolation. The doctor on duty at the TTMF included the days of her self isolation at her home in the count. She was originally set to discharged on July 20 but since it was a holiday, her release came the next day. She was advised to continue home quarantine for 2 more days but her aunt doctor advised her to extend home quarantine to 5 days which will end today, July 25 just to be sure.


Lastly, she had these things to say:

  • Swab tests are FREE.
  • Meals are PREPARED.
  • Medicines are SUPPLIED.
  • Isolation is OKAY.
  • Covid is SURVIVABLE.

PREVENTION IS THE BEST. Her advice is to take vitamins to boost your immune system, enough rest/sleep, proper diet and hydration.

Stop the spread by “getting yourself vaccinated”!

photos courtesy of Stephanie Dawn

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