Several residents in Barangay Lumbia, Cagayan de Oro City particularly those living in Summerville, West Gate and Southpoint Subdivisions and adjacent areas have been experiencing NO WATER now for more than a week since the water pump intake serving the said areas was damaged last July 10.


Shown below is the damaged water pump.

photo by Kyogojo Engineering Service Cooperative

The operation resumed at 4:45pm of July 11. Read advisory below.


In an update posted last July 12 by Kyogojo Engineering Service Cooperative, affected areas were still experiencing low pressure to no water due to an alleged unauthorized “closing of valves” around Lumbia.


Kyogojo alleged that the closing of the control valves caused damage to the water pump.


Last July 15, Kyogojo again posted that the area again experienced water interruption due to the alleged unauthorized control of the valves.


Just a few hours ago, Kyogojo posted the latest update wherein it stated that they still cannot reopen the control valves because it was “padlocked”. Meantime, Kyogojo provided water to the affected residents through a water tank by Liberty Land which developed the said subdivisions.


Affected residents are calling for local barangay and city officials to intervene immediately to address their plight. Keep posted.

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