Here are the guidelines for public transport in areas placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). Only APORs, essential traveller, Healthcare Workers (HCW) and frontliners are allowed to board Public Utility Vehicles (PUV) also with reduced capacity of 50 percent. All PUVs are directed to intensify the strict enforcement of seven (7) commandments inside public transport as recommended by health experts.

From the announcement of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) on the latest transport and travel protocols, public transport shall be allowed in areas under ECQ at reduced capacity in accordance with the guidelines of the IATF-MEID. The guidelines set by the DOTr are the following:

  1. PUB (Bus) and PUJs , 50% of the vehicles capacity will be allowed. Passengers will observe the one seat apart rule, and no standing paxs will be allowed.
  2. Entry of provincial bus with only APOR as paxs shall be allowed provided that these are point to point.
  3. For UV express, only a maximum of 2 paxs per row will be allowed and the vehicle should not exceed 50% of its capacity. Paxs will not be allowed on the driver’s row.
  4. Taxis are required to only 2 paxs per row, no paxs on the driver’s row.
  5. Shuttle service vehicles shall be allowed to operate, subject to strict physical distancing (one seat apart) and sanitary practices.

Source: LTFRB 10

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