NON-STOP | DOLEkula of Northern Mindanao, supported by passionate advocates from the transport industry led by the Rural Transport Mindanao Inc. (RTMI) effectively promotes DOLE-X’s call against child labor.

The one-minute film advocacy successfully raises mainstream public awareness and recognizes children’s rights and protection in relation to #BatangMalaya campaign.


RTMI is a member of the Regional Tripartite Industrial Peace Council with Celer Estologa (Management) and Lemuel Oliverio (Labor) representing Bus Transportation Industry Tripartite Council.


View some of the films below.

“Pepe” of “PANGARAP SA TAKIPSILIM” is an eldest child farmer of eight siblings who works in rice fields, five days a week since 9 years old, and exposed to scorching 6 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, earning P100.00. Now 12, he weighs only 30 kilograms and stands 100 centimeters – stunted at his age. Like sunrise, he hopes to see his dreams come of light, and hopes to end pains when horizon scatters — as far as his eyes can see. A film by Jesuriz Mabaso, Genevieve Mino, Elna B. Seguiro, Raul L. Valmores

In a home of a middle-class employers is a story of domestic violence to a 16 year-old house help. “HULAGWAY” is a film about sacrificing personal dreams and desires – for the love of family. “Maria” has to leave her home, and struggle under another’s iron hands, while wrestling a life changing decision to be separated from her family. More than just earning money, she is bonded to take risks, exploitation, and sexual abuse in order to free her family from poverty. A film by Peter Randy Gaquit, Julla Jan Sacal, Mary Joyce A. Harnaiz, Ebba B. Acosta

“OPOK: KINABUHI ILALUM SA DAGAT”, a story of “Niko” whose father is addicted to alcoholic drinks that forced him to work as a deep-sea fisher using a spear gun. It is a relevant story in the Philippines, as an agri-fishing country where children engage in worst form of work that develops work-related physical and mental health problems. The film bridges awareness of the risks associated with performing certain work that exposes children to diseases, injuries and death. A film by Maeyheen Faith Burlat, Ferdinand Gadot, Bonifacio T. Dagondon, Jr., Emmanuel G. Toledo

“SAGWAN NG PANGARAP” – “Kaloy” a 15 year old boy, grew up in a poor family in Lanao del Norte, that pushed him to become a fisher folk, as he was exposed to the harsh reality from a young age. Not minding the danger as he faces the sea of water while working, he still sends himself to school. Eventually, his studies became problematic as he finds it hard to balance both work and school at the same time. Will this close the door towards him achieving his dream of finishing his studies? A film by Omelkair Manan, Sittie Jehan Pagadilan, Criste O. Perfecto

“QUARESTA” – “When I grow up, I want to become an Engineer”, said “Dodo”, a 15 year-old quaresta who is deprived of education. What was supposed to be a typical routine for his age turns out to be a frustration in his stone quarry work, taking account of the responsibilities of his family that he needs to carry on his heavy shoulders, that started at his young stage. Like every child’s hope, he visualizes himself wearing school uniform and attending classes regularly, aiming to be successful. His dreams will always remain a dream – if child labor will not come to an end. A film by Gil Daluz, Rhea Flores, Conrad Miguel D. Atienza, Leonardo G. Rodrigo

“KARGA-KARGANG ALAALA” is a child labor real drama, set in a wood industry in Northern Mindanao. 14-year old “Victor”, whose nightmare preys his painful journey as a child laborer, is carried even today at his 30s. The boy, transformed to adult, must have escaped from monstrous past that caused his partial disability. A film by Mary Dayne Tampus, Ronelyn Talibong, Alice Tinhay, Jose Errol A. Natividad

“GRAVEYARD SHIFT” is an online sexual exploitation of children (OSEC) film involving “Angelina”, 15, as one of the thousand heinous crime victims. She is the world target being the most vulnerable member of society – the children. This disturbing online-based violence film signifies darkness, terror and fright with crime committed by victim’s mother for income generation.NOTE: Non-competing guest entry produced by the DOLEkula Film Festival secretariat. A film by Joy Karen B. Mappala, Hannah Jemimah C. Navarro, Glenford C. Labial, Atheneus A. Vasallo, Albert E. Gutib

photos by Glenford Labial

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