A netizen made good of his word that he would strip naked in the street at the center near the traffic light if the Iligan Archangels would lose their game in the opening day of the 2021 Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas VisMin Super Cup Mindanao Leg.

Netizen Ej Silisigan posted a comment on the Facebook live stream of the game between the Iligan Archangels and the Kapatagan Buffalo Braves as shown below. Kapatagan defeated Iligan, 64-56 yesterday.


And last night, true to his word, Ej stripped naked in the street near the trafic light.


Ej stated that what he will say, he’s going to do it…and he did. He doesn’t mind what others might say but he did not implicate other people….he added.


acreenshots by Noulram Ohcaleb

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