Kylee Quitayen from Sherman Oaks, California is proudly representing Cagayan de Oro City in the Miss Filipina International Pageant, the only Filipino pageant to be nationally televised in each of its six years of existence in the United States. It is also the only US beauty pageant with tourism promotion as its fundamental core value.

Born in Cebu but immigrated to the US when she was 7, Kylee picked the city as the tourism destination to promote for the pageant not just because it is known as the adventure capital of the Philippines but it matches her as an adventurous person. Further, CDO is also home to her titos and titas and many relatives.


Kylee is currently a scientist working for a biotech company working on a COVID vaccine and emergency medications for the elderly patients.


By day, Kylee is a career-driven scientist, but outside of the laboratory, she sought out opportunities to connect with her culture and traditions. Her mom always taught her to be compassionate, independent and ambitious. She wants to work to help uplift impoverished communities in the Philippines. #mfi#yourdestinyawaits.


That’s Candidate No. 4, Kylee Quitayen. Please “like” (not heart or react) her photo on the Miss Filipina International Facebook page & like their page. See link below.

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