A young mother in Cagayan de Oro City is asking for justice for the death of her baby whom she gave birth last June 22, 2021 at the Barangay Camaman-an Health Center. She is blaming the loss of her child to the neglect and irresponsibility of health workers at the center.

Rechellee Timario Feliciano took to social media her exasperation and posted a long narrative of her ordeal. Her story became trending in Facebook. We summarized her story below.

Monday, 10AM, June 21, 2021

Rechellee saw blood coming out of her with some white blood. She thought she was going to give birth but she was not yet experiencing labor pains.

She contacted Elena, the barangay midwife and told her about the signs. Elena said she is ‘on leave’ that day after getting vaccinated last Saturday (June 19) and she is still weak and resting. She will contact “Jennifer” who is said to be at the center (Brgy Health Center) to assist her. Elena told Rechellee that they can proceed to the center and have an IE (internal exam) and she might be given a request for ultrasound.

photo by Pete Arda

Monday, 4:30PM, June 21, 2021

Rechellee and her husband went to the center. They were met by two assistants who told her there’s no midwife at the center and that Jennifer is not on duty because she went to the bank. Rechellee reported her concern but the assistants told her “UGMA PAMAN KA MANGANAK MAAM KAY GWAPA PAMAN KA. DLI PA DAW KO MANGANAK. DLI DAW SIGURO KO MA IE KAY NAA SYA SA BANGKO. BUSY DAW.” (She is not yet about to give birth because she is still pretty…she won’t have IE because Jennifer is still busy at the bank.)

At this time, one of the assistant called Jennifer. Rechellee talked with her on the phone and Jennifer’s response was “DLI PA DAW KO MAKAANAK, KAY WHITE BLOOD RA DAW SAGOL DUGO. PREMIRESA MAN POD DAW NAKO DUGAY PA DAW MUGAWAS! BALIK LANG UGMA MAAM, KAY PRENATAL MAN POD UGMA. UGMA PANA MUGAWAS! UGMA NALNG POD TKA E IE.” (She won’t give birth yet because it’s only white blood. She is also a first time mother and the baby won’t come out soon. Just come back tomorrow because it’s scheduled for prenatal. The baby will come out tomorrow and that’s the time she’ll have an IE.)

Innocent Rechellee as well as her husband merely acceded to the recommendation. She was also not experiencing labor pains. They then went home. At the gate, the guard on duty told them “24 HOURS ANG CENTER. KUNG MANGANAK OG KADLAWON, NAAY TANOD MAG BANTAY OG MUTAWAG O ADTOAN ANG MIDWIFE SAILA.” (The center is open 24 hours. If you give birth at dawn, a tanod will call and fetch the midwife.)

Tuesday, 1:30AM, June 22, 2021

Rechellee woke up after her “panubigon” (amniotic sac) reportedly burst. She and her husband rushed to the center and arrived in 7-10 minutes. She is now experiencing intermittent labor pains. The 2 assistants at the center met them. One of the assistant told her there was no midwife at the center. Her husband got worried as he thought she is going to give birth already. The assistant told her she won’t give birth yet because she is still pretty. They’ve been at the center for a long time and she doesn’t look like someone who is about to give birth. She was then told that the midwife won’t come until she is about to give birth!

This time, another assistant who sounded very strict since they were roused from sleep asked if she brought things for the baby. Her husband replied he will just return and he just brought his wife first because it was an emergency. The assistant called Jennifer but it was just ringing and no answer. The assistant further told them “ANHI2X LANG MO WALAY DALANG GAMIT?! MAG UNSA MAN MO DANI?! (Coming here without bringing things? What would you do here?)

A disappointed Rechellee said she wasn’t even offered a bed to rest. She was just told to sit down on a plastic chair while she grimaced in pain. She would sometimes stand up due to the pain. Rechelle said the assistant even told her “AYAW PAG ARTE2X KAY ING ANA ANG MANGANAK. PERO DLI PA JUD DAW MAO ANG ITSURA NAKO OG DLI PA DAW MUGAWAS JUD KAY PREMIRESA LGE.” (Don’t act too classy and she will not yet give birth because she still looks pretty and the baby won’t come out soon because it’s her first time.)

While she sat at the center, her husband rushed back home and returned to the center with the things. They then saw the assistants went back to sleep in their quarters not even offering her one of the bed to rest and told her to close the door even at her condition. Rechellee was so disgruntled of their negligence and they even stopped calling the midwife.

At this time, they decided to go home thinking what the assistants told them she is still not yet going to give birth.

Tuesday, 5:00AM, June 22, 2021

Rechellee was already in labor and they rushed back to the center. They were shocked to learn that the midwife (Jennifer) was still not around. She could feel the baby already moving inside her tummy. And it was only this time they called the midwife again. She was told the midwife won’t come unless she is already giving birth. Rechellee was already in pain. She was looking for the tanod who told her they can fetch the midwife anytime.

Instead of the tanod, it was Rechellee’s husband who decided to go to the midwife’s house as they were already panicking. Rechellee observed the lack of urgency from the health workers’ actions. Her husband held back his anger as he thought they will do nothing if he gets angry.

Tuesday, 6:20AM, June 22, 2021

Rechellee gave birth at the center via normal delivery. Jennifer did not arrive and it was midwife Elena who was on leave and still weak afte her vaccination who assisted her delivery. She had no difficulty delivering baby Jhos Kyezer.

Her baby was rushed to the City Hospital but to no avail.


Meanwhile, the assistants are blaming Jennifer whom they’ve called 30 times with no answer. They even insulted Rechellee’s mother who was just praying while she was giving birth at 6AM.

Rechellee said her baby would still be alive…she did not have any difficulty giving birth via normal delivery!


Accordingly, the baby drowned in blood and it took some time before the baby was made to cry. Rechellee’s mother asked for a referral so they can bring the baby to a hospital to be revived. But the center reportedly ran out of referral forms. It also took them a long time to decide so Rechellee’s father asked if he can borrow the barangay vehicle. Unfortunately, there was no driver so Rechellee’s father showed his driver’s license with code 1, 2, 3 so he will be the one to drive. The assistant replied they don’t have the vehicle’s key. But the tanod butted in and have them the key. But this time, one of the assistant did not allow as the Brgy Captain might get angry!


Rechellee thought the Brgy Captain will not be angry if the vehicle will be used for emergency purpose. Her father had a license. She thought the life of her baby was put to waste beause of their irresponsibility, selfishness, negligence, and lack of dedication as a frontliner!

Rechellee was angry and mourning that she posted her lengthy story in Facebook. She also learned it was not the first time a baby died at center.


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Jhos Kyezer Timario Feliciano, June 22, 2021, 3.1 kgs
Normal delivery


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all photos courtesy of Rechellee Timario Feliciano

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