photo by Lilin Macapayag Koch

When was the last time you had watched an event at the old Community Amphitheater in Cagayan de Oro? Before the malls came, there the amphitheater. For a very long time, the Amphitheater was a venue for concerts, singing competitions, beauty pageants, boxing, political, civic, cultural and other events in the city. People flock to the place to see events which are usually held for free.

The amphitheater was built on the site (along Burgos Street) where the old public market used to be before it was transferred to what is now Cogon Market.

photo from Kagayan Kaniadto
photo from Kagayan Kaniadto

During the term of Mayor Vicente Emano, the amphitheater was reconstructed to have a shell-shaped canopy as shown below.


It continued to host public events until 2010.


In 2010, the amphitheater was demolished to give way to then Mayor Constantino Jaraula’s pet project called “Golden Mile”, a river tourism project.


Construction of Golden Mile was never completed until current Mayor Oscar Moreno implemented “Project Lunhaw” which gave rise to the new amphitheater. Read our post below.

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