The DPWH Regional Office X has released its official statement on the partially collapsed flood control structure along Iponan River in Pagatpat, Cagayan de Oro City.

It can be recalled that a portion of the Pagatpat Section Flood Control Project partially collapsed at around 8:30pm last June 6, 2021. DPWH X engineers inspected the site the following day, June 7 and found the structure slid down towards the riverbank. Based on their investigation, the massive floodwall and stone masonry structure built may have triggered the effects of soil liquefaction which caused the structure to partially collapse.


Read full text of the statement below (from DPWH X Facebook page).

This pertains to the Flood Control Project along Pagatpat-Iponan River (Pagatpat Section), wherein it was reported to partially collapse on the evening of June 6, 2021 at around 8:30 PM.

Prior to its collapse, DPWH Regional Office X conducted a site inspection on June 3, 2021 and observed that a section of the walkway – cast on top of the stone masonry – exhibited settlement and separation from the constructed floodwall, which is a result of the movement of the stone masonry structure. The soil near the structure also showed visible cracks as signs of liquefaction, wherein a solid ground would turn into a liquid-like state. Several soil types are prone to liquefaction especially when it becomes saturated.

In this case, the massive floodwall and stone masonry structure built may have triggered the effects of soil liquefaction, hence the soil’s underground movement. Sources of water that can contribute to the saturation of the soil are present on site, such as an existing subdivision’s settling pond.

Moderate to heavy rainfall was experienced in the City and eventually, the partial collapse of the floodwall structure was reported on June 6, 2021, 8:30 PM. DPWH Engineers conducted a site inspection on June 7, 2021 and reported that the structure slid downwards the riverbank. No casualties were recorded on the said incident.

The contractor, UKC Builders, Inc., was directed to perform any necessary reconstruction works upon the report and evaluation made by the Inspectorate Team of DPWH Regional Office X.

We apologize for this very unfortunate incident. Rest assured that rectification of the damaged structure will be carried out immediately with no additional expense to the government.


photos by DPWH X

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