On this day on June 4, 1900, the Battle of Makahambus Hill took place in Cagayan de Misamis (now Cagayan de Oro). It is the only known major victory by Filipinos over the Americans in Mindanao during the Philippine-American War.

The Kagayanon Revolutionaries were led by Col. Apolinar Velez and the Commander of the Makahambus Fort was Lieutenant Cruz Taal. The Americans suffered 20 dead and wounded while only one Filipino was killed in the person of Apolinario Nacalaban.

All 3 Kagayanons (Velez, Taal and Nacalaban) have city streets named after them.


images by City Information Office

Below are photos taken from https://www.filipinoamericanwar18991902.com.

Americans assault Macahambus Gorge a second time. Photo taken during the period Dec. 19-20, 1900. Captains Thomas Millar and James Mayes jointly led 155 officers and men of the 40th Infantry into the gorge, shelled the guerillas’ strongholds, but found them deserted.
Americans inside a deserted guerilla stronghold in Macahambus Gorge. Photo taken during the period Dec. 19-20, 1900.
American encampment at Macahambus. On Dec. 21, 1900, 1Lt. Richard Cravens and a detachment of Company M were ordered to occupy Macahambus.

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